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An Android Porn App Takes Your Photo and Holds It to Ransom - 0 views

    "The Register reports that security firm Zscaler was first to spot the app, which presents itself as a normal video playing app, albeit for playing videos of an adult nature. Apparently once it has silently snapped photos of its victim it will display a message on screen demanding that they pay $500 . Otherwise, well... do you want people knowing you've used the app?"

A Smile Detector and Other Apps You Need to Be Using | WIRED - 0 views

    "RECHO DOES ONE very simple, little thing: It lets you leave a voice message tied to a location. When other people using the app hit those coordinates, Recho will tell them there's something to listen to. You can use the app to discover different "rechoes" around you, if you actively want to listen in on someone's location-aware thoughts. You can also share interesting soundbytes with your Recho followers. It's a little weird and novel, but ultimately a new way to think about digital exploring a place."

Windows 10 Is Watching: Should You Be Worried? - 0 views

    "In amongst the numerous reports of privacy infringements, there have been a handful of genuine issues. Reports of Microsoft utilizing your computer as a P2P node for update sharing were completely founded, and the 13 pages of privacy settings are also no joke."

Bitcoin flaw could threaten booming virtual currency - tech - 06 November 2013 - New Sc... - 0 views

  • Bitcoin contains a hitherto unnoticed flaw which threatens to upset the balance of the $1.5 billion economy built on the virtual currency.
  • Although groups form to share computing power and split the profits, what they receive is proportional to the resources they contribute.
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