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'She'd been sending herself payments from me': Venmo users on discovering secrets on th... - 0 views

    "Officially, Venmo is an app for transferring money from one person to another. In the US, where most banks do not offer instant free money transfers, it was revolutionary for simple things like splitting the bill on dinner, or sending their roommates half of the rent. But because the Venmo app has a "home feed", an endless scroll that shows payments between users, it's also a sneaky form of social media. You can see how your friends spend their money - and who they spend it with."
Max van Mesdag

Buddy, Can You E-Mail Me 100 Bucks? - BusinessWeek - 1 views

    People in Japan already use it, but people in the United States are expected to use e-mail and mobile phones to transfer money. Will this be reliable and secure, though?
    Do you think this article is biased at all - from his comments about "Banking on the mobile phone is relatively safe."? Make sure when you annotate the actual IT System that you are able to explain how it works... you have not tagged it with a social and ethical issue BTW?
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