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Max van Mesdag

How secure is your e-mail password? | InSecurity Complex - 0 views

    Your e-mail password may be easier to access than you may have thought.
Mcdoogleh CDKEY

BBC News - Ash compensation e-mail 'is fake' says Wrexham firm - 0 views

    An e-mail scam claiming it can help passengers hit by the volcanic ash flight ban is under investigation after being uncovered by a Wrexham company.
Max van Mesdag

Buddy, Can You E-Mail Me 100 Bucks? - BusinessWeek - 1 views

    People in Japan already use it, but people in the United States are expected to use e-mail and mobile phones to transfer money. Will this be reliable and secure, though?
    Do you think this article is biased at all - from his comments about "Banking on the mobile phone is relatively safe."? Make sure when you annotate the actual IT System that you are able to explain how it works... you have not tagged it with a social and ethical issue BTW?
dr tech

E-mail Is Making Us Miserable | The New Yorker - 0 views

    " "The longer one spends on email in [a given] hour the higher is one's stress for that hour," the authors noted. In another study, researchers placed thermal cameras below each subject's computer monitor, allowing them to measure the tell-tale "heat blooms" on a person's face that indicate psychological distress. "

Emails spark woman's sacking - National - NZ Herald News - 0 views

  • emails
      The IT system used is E-Mailing service.
  • sacked for sending "confrontational"
      The social and ethical issue is Policies and Standards.
  • unfair dismissal
      unfair dissmissal SUCKS
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Vicki Walker
      This is the first Stakeholder, the one who was sacked...
  • ProCare Health
      This is where she worked, this is the second Stakeholder.
  • Auckland
  • 4:00 AM
    BOB SAGET. While in class with you, I mentioned this article and for some reason (probably to annoy me) you stole it before I could get to it. I'm upset and disapointed in you BOB SAGET.
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