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Zebedee scanner lets police build 3D maps of crime scenes in minutes | Technology | the... - 0 views

    "The handheld Zebedee scanner, developed by the CSIRO, uses a powerful laser to sweep an environment and create a 3D map accurate to the centimetre. The scanner had already been used and was saving police "many thousands of hours in investigation", Queensland police commissioner Ian Stewart said at the device's official launch on Friday."
dr tech

3D Printer Bot Creates Perfect Replicas of Classic Paintings | Urbanist - 0 views

    "The 3-D imaging method used to create the prints yields an enormous depth map while also capturing exact color. The resulting print has a resolution of 50 microns, easily fooling the average observer into thinking it's an original."
Mcdoogleh CDKEY

BBC News - 3D TV is being billed as possible industry saviour - 0 views

    3D TV! At last, a new input device that will allow us to be drawn even more into our Televisions =D
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