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Jess McCulloch

Whiteboard Challenge Update - 250 views

Hi everyone who has signed up for the Whiteboard Challenge! Just to let you know that the start date has been pushed back a week for a few reasons: 1. So we can officially launch the challenge at...


started by Jess McCulloch on 11 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
anne marie

And we're off - whiteboard challenge a go! - 205 views

I'm very happy that I stumbled across this challenge since it will be the motivation I need to try some new ideas and stretch my creative thinking for some tools I already use. Plus it will be g...

challenge interactive iwb whiteboardchallenge

Alison Hall

Seven Wonders of the Whiteboard Challenge - 188 views

Hi Jess - congratulations on taking the initiative! Sounds like a great challenge and there are already some wonderful ideas for each week! Big big pat on the back :) Jess McCulloch wrote: > Are ...

interactive iwb whiteboardchallenge wiki wikispaces

Shelly Terrell

Interactive Websites - LiveBinder - 113 views

    What an awesome resource! Super job! Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you I love this and will be sharing with my teachers.
Diane Woodard

Adventures in Ed Tech: Ten Interactive White Board Web 2.0 Tools - 111 views

    "Ten Interactive White Board Web 2.0 Tools"
Sue Bailey

Tech Talk for Teachers: Let's Get SMART® - 104 views

  • Your comments would be greatly appreciated!
    Read about the differences between the two recorder tools available in Smart Notebook.
    Directions for creating a "Magic Tunnel" activity in Smart Notebook.
    Check out the last few entries for info on using new features of SMART Notebook 11.
Paul McMahon

Anyone know of somewhere on the web that interactives are searchable? - 90 views

Hi There! Thanks for this group. It looks really useful. I work a lot with secondary teachers looking to make better use of the boards and they have a hard time finding the right resources on th...

ewb flash interactive iwb

started by Paul McMahon on 26 May 08 no follow-up yet
Lisa Parisi

Tag Dictionary - 81 views

I haven't used it much but find in other groups, it makes it easy to tag for a group. Of course, right now I don't even know how to set it up but I'm sure I can figure it out. Jess McCulloch wrot...

Donna Bills

amMap: Interactive flash maps - 81 views

    Great tool! Thanks for sharing!
Kathy Malsbenden

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons - 81 views

    Looking for high-quality content for your interactive whiteboards? These reading and math lessons and activities are ideal. Try them for whole class instruction to support your lesson plans and let us know what you think!
Cerese Godfrey

SmartBoard Lesson Plans - 81 views

    Thanks for shsring- great resource!
Dana Huff

The Differentiator - 76 views

    Build your objectives using Revised Bloom's Taxonomy.
Cindy Brock - 79 views

    Thanks, Cindy SpinandSpell is going to be great with the Life Skills and Lower Grades Clases
Jonathan Wylie

The Best Education Blogs for Teachers Who Love Technology - 72 views

    Teachers love to share their best ideas and resources with others. In the past, this was done by word of mouth, but today they blog about it.
Ludmilla Smirnova

Timing of IWB Challenge - UK schools on summer break - 67 views

Ludmilla Smirnova wrote: I agree with Tom And Elizabeth on the time line, I was about to ask the same question. August is the time for a short break before the Fall semester here in Newburgh, NY....

dates schedule timing uk

Jonathan Wylie

The Best Free Science Games for Kids Online: Educational Fun for Everyone - 74 views

    Are your kids inquiring young scientists who are always curious about the world around them? If so, the following websites are just what you need. They contain some of the best science games for kids online. Each of them are fun to explore and play with, but they also have a sound educational base.
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