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Jess McCulloch

Whiteboard Challenge Update - 250 views


started by Jess McCulloch on 11 Aug 08
  • Jess McCulloch
    Hi everyone who has signed up for the Whiteboard Challenge!

    Just to let you know that the start date has been pushed back a week for a few reasons:

    1. So we can officially launch the challenge at the IWBnet conference in Melbourne
    2. Because the northern hemisphere are still on holidays (slackers! ;-)
    3. To give the Task Masters a little more time to prep their vids (well, that would be me...)

    We also thought a bit of a change in structure would work well too - instead of each challenge being 1 week, we've made it 2 weeks per challenge (which means the whole thing running for 14 weeks!) and instead of just you, the teacher, using the new tool and blogging about what activity you did, you have to get your students to create something with the new tool and blog about that as well (all part of the same post if you like). So, there will be two elements to your blog post - what you did with the kids, and what the kids did with the kids - if that's possible. I know some of you probably have really little people who aren't going to be able to manage it, and that's fine.

    One last thing - THERE WILL BE A PRIZE!!!!! Yes, Edsoft have kindly donated 1 FLIP VIDEO to the lucky winner (I wasn't planning on their being winners, but seeing as the prize was offered I thought I'd take it). That person has to have completed every challenge and there will be something else to measure the winner by, but I'll get back to you on that one...

    Thank you all for coming aboard the challenge. I'm really surprised and pleased to see how much attention and interest it got!

    so, get your whiteboards ready, we are taking off on Friday - August 15.

    Yours in all things IWB,

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