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Garth Holman

Awesome Stories - 0 views

    Stories about many parts of life during the middle ages: Torture, armor, confessional, Josting, knights, etc...
Garth Holman

Middle Ages Art - 1 views

  • Byzantine Art was the name given to the style of art used in very early Middle Ages Art.
  • Byzantium Art and its effects on art during the Middle Ages.
  • The Roman Empire was spit into two sections - the Eastern and Western part of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire fell when the German Visigoth
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  • Pietistic painting (religious art)
  • Artists were members of religious houses such as monasteries
  • There were no sculptures as these were looked upon as a form of idolatry
  • Sombre tones
  • Byzantine Art was totally flat - one dimensional. There was no perspective
  • There were no shadows
  • Figures in Byzantine Art were generally depicted front-facing
  • Byzantine Art featured long, narrow and solemn faces
  • There was no attempt to portray realism in sombre Byzantine Art
  • Early Middle Ages Art was initially restricted to the production of Pietistic painting (religious art) in the form of illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and fresco paintings in churches. There were no portrait paintings. The colors were generally muted.
  • The artists and painters were founders of the movement towards greater realism which culminated in the Renaissance art style.
  • Brighter colorsSculpturesMetal work in the form of bronze artMiddle Ages art in the form of stained glass windowsMove towards realismThe development of perspective and proportion in Middle Ages artThe use of shadows and lightNew ideals of naturalismCreation of a sense of pictorial spaceThe use of symmetry in Middle Ages artChanges in subject matter including the depiction of animals and mythological scenes
Garth Holman

Medieval Education - 2 views

  • free education to every boy
    • Lily S
      Only boys?
  • using a bone or ivory stylus on wooden tablets coated with green or black wax
  • Knights were also educated and looked down upon if they could not read and write
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  • Only daughters of the very rich and powerful were allowed to attend select courses.
  • At 14 or 15
  • continue education at a university
  • The cap and gown that college graduates wear today have their roots in medieval academic garments
  • empire needed educated people if it was to survive
  • Girls were virtually ignored when it came to education.
    • Garth Holman
      Yes, girls were not educated
    Has everything in the Middle Ages - Education, Clothing, Entertainment, and more
    Covers all major topics of middle ages: education, clothing, bathing, games, music festivals, village life, etc... Check it out with your diigo on. 

Holy Relics - Middle Ages for Kids - 2 views

  • To make each cathedral and each little church in the land unique, each had its own holy relic. A holy relic is something that belonged to or was touched by Jesus or a saint. A treasured relic might be bone fragment or a tiny piece of the cross. 
    • Shira H
      A holy relic is something that belonged to or was touched by Jesus or a saint. 
    • Shira H
      good site for quest 6
    • Jaxson D
    • Adams Kyle
  • A holy relic was something that had once belonged to or been touched by Jesus or one of the important Saints
Cameron G.

The Art of the Book in the Middle Ages - 1 views

    This will help with quest 6 when everyone gets to it. 
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