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Megan Conn

Financial Trouble for Colleges Means Financial Trouble for College Towns | Planetizen - 0 views

    What will this mean for university museums and museums in university towns?
Ruth Cuadra

NewsDaily: Science cafes offer a sip of learning - 0 views

    Americans may be turning away from the hard sciences at universities, but they are increasingly showing up at "science cafes" in local bars and restaurants to listen to scientific talks over a drink or a meal.
Ruth Cuadra

The Single Most Important Experiment in Higher Education - Jordan Weissmann - The Atlantic - 0 views

    A dozen major universities announced that they would begin providing content to Coursera,..making  college classes available to the public free on the web. capable of delivering lessons to more than 100,000 students at a time. 
David Bloom

Why do we assume the future will be short? - John Schellenberg - Aeon - 0 views

  • Why has recognising the deep future been so difficult for humanity? Why, after discovering the place of the Earth in the solar system, the place of the solar system in the universe, the age of the Earth, the age of the universe, and evolution by natural selection over aeons of Earth’s history, do we still need to be prodded to perform the simple act of turning around, to position ourselves to see both forward and back in time?
Ruth Cuadra

The Problem With Defining 'Downtown' - The Atlantic Cities - 0 views

    Census Bureau defines "downtown," for lack of a better universal definition, as everything within a 2-mile radius of the local city hall.
Ruth Cuadra

Google's Scientific Approach to Work-Life Balance (and Much More) - 1 views

    Are you a Segmentor or an Integrator? They may be carving out too big a universe of questions to explore, but it's interesting that Google is looking to produce the equivalent of the Framingham Heart Study on work-life issues.
Elizabeth Merritt

Harvard says it will issue reparations after report details its ties to slavery : NPR - 0 views

  • Harvard outlined several next steps it said it would take in an attempt to atone for its involvement in the slave trade, including monetary reparations for Black and Indigenous students who are descendants of enslaved persons in the U.S.
  • The Ivy League school also plans to further partner with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) through initiatives, such as appointing visiting HBCU professors to Harvard for one year and subsidizing summer, semester or yearlong studies at Harvard for HBCU students.
Ariane Karakalos

LeadingAge: Leisure Time Pursuits - 0 views

  • trends are any indication, aging baby boomers will choose adventure when they plan their leisure time pursuits. Researche
  • at George Washington University in Washington, Dc. report that older people are spending more money – about $56 billion – in the “experiential marketplace” and that their spending on sensation, education, adventure and cultural vacations is expected to grow in the future.
  • How will baby boomers spend their leisure time when they are not on vacation?
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Most boomers (70%) have a hobby or special interest to which they will dedicate more time when they retire.
Ruth Cuadra

American University Intellectual Property Brief » YouTube Unveils Creative Co... - 0 views

    YouTube hopes this will cut down some of the concerns over copyright infringement of user-created content that plague the site.
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