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Karen Wade

Rover disguised as penguin chick does research better than scientists - LA Times - 0 views

    Robots aren't just for humans any longer-great article!
Emily Holm

The British Library Big Data Experiment - Digital scholarship blog - 0 views

    "The British Library Big Data Experiment"
Ruth Cuadra

Google's Scientific Approach to Work-Life Balance (and Much More) - 1 views

    Are you a Segmentor or an Integrator? They may be carving out too big a universe of questions to explore, but it's interesting that Google is looking to produce the equivalent of the Framingham Heart Study on work-life issues.
Lisa Eriksen

The Time Is Now to Bring the Fight to Dementia | Nicco Mele - 0 views

    This will have huge economic and societal impact.  Are we considering this new future as people live longer?
Ruth Cuadra

Compound Made from Plastic Bottles Kills Drug-Resistant Fungus - 0 views

    Converting solid waste (plastic bottles) to a cure for drug-resistant fungus -- is this not a win-win for the world??
Johanna Fassbender

Through app, physical books become more like e-books | Springwise - 0 views

    Is this something that could be helpful when doing research in museum archives?
Carol Tang

Critical thinking not used | Museums Association - 3 views

    Looks like an Onion headline?! ;-(
Garry Golden

How Do You Know An Autonomous Vehicle Has Seen You? - Technology Review - 1 views

    Analog?  A museum exhibit that 'sees' you; let's you know it has registered your presence 
Kristen Olson

Institute For The Future - 0 views

    Institute for the Future
Ariane Karakalos

California's changing face, through centuries of books | California Watch - 0 views

  • "The browser is designed to enable you to examine the frequency of words (banana) or phrases ('United States of America') in books over time,"
  • 5.2 million books – about 4 percent of all published books.
    Google's Ngram Viewer
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