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Ariane Karakalos

The Cost of "Free": Admission Fees at American Art Museums - 0 views

  • Museum theorists such as Elaine Heumann Gurian point out that admission fees may be the single biggest obstacle preventing museums from fulfilling their missions as educational institutions that are open and accessible to the widest range of visitors from all income levels and backgrounds. But is the financial position of most art museums so precarious that the 5 percent of operating budget provided by admissions fees is indispensable to the survival of the institution? Is there a middle ground between free admission and a standard entrance fee?
  • Potential visitors—especially families with children—are often concerned about the financial costs associated with a museum visit, such as transportation, parking and lunch. As the costs have risen, visitors expect greater value for their admission dollars.
  • Many of us have visited museums and seen the words “suggested donation” or “recommended amount” next to the admission fees. The actual amount collected per visitor is often significantly lower than the suggested amount
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  • he Art Institute of Chicago switched from free Tuesdays to free Thursday evenings, from 5-8 p.m.
  • At the time of this writing, there is not much more than anecdotal evidence available on the desired result of racially and ethnically diverse visitors during free evening hours, but the Art Institute of Chicago has every reason to believe its change in free hours achieved this. “We had Chicagoans in the museum who reported that it was their first-ever visit,” Lee said. “We had parents telling us that they were grateful that the free hours allowed them to easily bring their children after work. We had more visitors per free hour than we did when the free hours were on Tuesdays.
  • the competing priorities of ideology, practicality and economics. By designating periods of free admission to attract the infrequent visitor, museums can more easily justify charging an entrance fee on a regular basis
  • Cool Culture, an inventive nonprofit formed in 1999, has created a family pass to 71 cultural institutions in New York City. The pass is intended for low-income families, and the program’s primary clients are Head Start and other subsidized child-care centers. Two-thirds of participants have household incomes below the federal poverty line.
  • Although transportation is not provided, participants can visit at any time and return as many times as they wish.
  • Cool Culture’s success is in the numbers: Families who have the Cool Culture Pass are four times more likely to visit a museum than families without the pass, according to Linda Steele, executive director.    
  • one might logically conclude that museums with no admission fee will attract larger audiences and thus have a better chance at earning more revenue within the museum: more visitors, more sales in shops or restaurants. Upon closer scrutiny, this assumption may not be true.
  • museum visitors who did not pay an admission fee were likely to spend even less on additional goods or services than the average visitor who paid a fee to enter, even they were not museum members.
  • responses from museums of various sizes, settings and budgets. The most commonly mentioned benefits of free admission were service to the community and accessibility to a more diverse audience. Increased exposure, attendance and public relations opportunities also ranked high, as did improved opportunities for individual, corporate and foundation support. The primary drawbacks were lost revenue and the inability to build a membership base. Security concerns also figured prominently.
  • Do Not Touch” signs in art exhibitions. Of the 15 responding museums that offered limited free admission days or hours, more than half reported a significant difference in visitor demographics: seniors, large family groups, school groups, disabled persons and drug or alcohol recovery groups were most likely to attend at these times. Museums in Seattle, Scottsdale, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay area all reported an increase in student visitors on free admission days. Sue Cake, a longtime docent at the Oakland Museum of California, observed that free admission days enabled teachers to assign a museum visit as part of a class lesson, likely a factor for increased student visitation at many museums.
  • can discount or waive admission fees on a case-by-case basis. “The experience should have value like a movie, going out to eat, a concert or any other leisure-time activity,” said Deputy Director Amy Oppio. “It is . . . important for guests to believe in supporting the organization and its mission.” 
  • Not all respondents shared Oppio’s view. One of the survey questions asked about the ideal admission fee structure. Of the 24 museums that responded to this question, 30 percent said that free admission is the way to go. Midge Bowman, executive director of the Frye Art Museum, responded that art museums “should be free as public libraries are. Without this open admission, they remain elitist institutions.”
  • ents we write and the act of imposing an entry fee,” she wrote. “Museums, if they remain oriented toward their paying customers will not . . . feel motivated to become essential elements within the community and an important educational resource for all individuals wishing to learn.”
Stuart Sean

Payday Loans For Self Employed- Meet Your Small Expenses And Sudden Needs Easily On Time! - 0 views

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Ariane Karakalos

LeadingAge: Leisure Time Pursuits - 0 views

  • trends are any indication, aging baby boomers will choose adventure when they plan their leisure time pursuits. Researche
  • at George Washington University in Washington, Dc. report that older people are spending more money – about $56 billion – in the “experiential marketplace” and that their spending on sensation, education, adventure and cultural vacations is expected to grow in the future.
  • How will baby boomers spend their leisure time when they are not on vacation?
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  • Most boomers (70%) have a hobby or special interest to which they will dedicate more time when they retire.
Gina Hall

Why It's Time to Eliminate Class Schedules - Education - GOOD - 0 views

  • What if we removed the passive course-to-course drudgery of the school day? What if there was no schedule?
  • What if teachers were seen as mentors for projects designed to help students meet those benchmarks?
  • What if the students initiated these projects and the teachers spent their time recording TED-style talks that would serve as inspiration and help students generate benchmark-related ideas?
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  • If students spent their time producing authentic projects instead of driving toward test scores, it would provide tangible measurement of what they can do, and the tug-of-war over the meaning of grades would end. But as long as we keep the current way classes are scheduled, we will continue claiming that we just don’t have time for learning.
    • Garry Golden
      I think there is growing support for this type of approach to learning/teaching. For me it is a pleasant vision to move from high stakes testing - to more continual process based learning. I see a big role here for gaming mechanic design principles. Good scan hit..
Ruth Cuadra

Why we should make time for remembering the future - 0 views

    Deliberately changing our perspective on time may open up the way in which we think about the past and the future.
Stuart Sean

Payday Loans- Best Solution to Resolve Your Mid Month Fiscal Woes on Time! - 0 views

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David Bloom

Data in a human context - 0 views

  • Data in a human context March 6, 2012 to Data Art  •  Comments (3)  •  Share on Twitter Jer Thorp, a data artist in residence at The New York Times, shows off some of his work (like this and this) and speaks about the connection between the real world and the mechanical bits we know as data. Worth your 17 minutes.
  • a data artist in residence at The New York Times, shows off some of his work (like this and this) and speaks about the connection between the real world and the mechanical bits we know as data.
    Gets to the human context at ~13:30 mins. Great illustration of how to make meaning from the seemingly meaningless, or at least from data that we don't usually connect to our daily experience.
Ruth Cuadra

Cultural Data Project - 1 views

    It it shocking to see stats that say Califonia has 11,000 full-time and 28,000 part time employees n the Arts & Cultural Sector, but more than 155,000 volunteers and interns. No wonder there are no jobs -- people are willing to work in museums and cultural orgs for free. What do we do for our fellow professionals?
Ruth Cuadra

World's fastest camera, created by UCLA engineers, used to detect rogue cancer cells / ... - 1 views

    a high-throughput flow-through optical microscope with the ability to detect rare cells with sensitivity of one part per million in real time. This technology builds on the photonic time-stretch camera technology created by Jalali's team in 2009 to produce the world's fastest continuous-running camera.
Lisa Eriksen

Anxiety-Decreasing Tips For Selling To First-Time Customers | Fast Company | Business +... - 0 views

    Do we ever really think about first-time visitors from their perspective?
Karen Wade

What shopping will look like in the future - 1 views

    For one who finds shopping in stores a form of recreation, I hope the Brave New World of retail won't take away our real time fun (not that I don't spend tons of time already on retail sites, but I still like to go to the store and feel the merchandise). Trying on a top in a virtual dressing room just isn't the same as wearing it. Oh well, maybe I also will be able to virtually "feel" it-but. . .
Stuart Sean

Excellent Arrangement Of Loans For Low Credit Borrowers No Issues - 0 views

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Elizabeth Merritt

Economists Pin More Blame on Tech for Rising Inequality - The New York Times - 1 views

  • Half or more of the increasing gap in wages among American workers over the last 40 years is attributable to the automation of tasks formerly done by human workers, especially men without college degrees, according to some of his recent research.
  • tax changes to pursue “labor-friendly innovations.”
  • the technological shift evolved as growth in postsecondary education slowed and companies began spending less on training their workers. “When technology, education and training move together, you get shared prosperity,” said Lawrence Katz, a labor economist at Harvard. “Otherwise, you don’t.”
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Dayne Bell

Same Day Cash Loans- Satisfy Your Pressing Needs and Expenses Easily on Time! - 0 views

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Seenea Thronwe

Fast Payday Loans- Access Funds to Sort out Monetary Uncertainty within Short Time! - 0 views

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Lisa Eriksen

It's Time to Go on an Information Diet | Humanizing Technology | Big Think - 0 views

    What is the museum's role in providing a "healthy diet" of media?  
Ruth Cuadra

Futurist's Cheat Sheet: Quantum Computing - 0 views

  • “A quantum computer can take many inputs, do many calculations, and produce many results at the same time.”
    "A quantum computer can take many inputs, do many calculations, and produce many results at the same time."
Ruth Cuadra

Inventing the possible space | The Miami Times | Serving South Florida's African Americ... - 0 views

    Referring to an exhibition called "Third Space: Inventing the Possible" set to open at North Miami's Museum of Contemporary Art, Director M'Bow said, "The Third Space is how people in hard times create a space that is no longer bounded by limitations."
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