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Karen Wade

Why self-driving cars remain more science fiction than future - 0 views

    This commentary poses some interesting ethical questions regarding self-driving cars and some of the decisions they might have to make.
Ruth Cuadra

9 benefits of blending biomimicry and the built environment - 0 views

    Studies have shown that people who go outside often are happier, healthier and more creative than those who do not - meaning that integrating outdoor experiences into your design process can give your creativity a boost.
Ruth Cuadra

Beyond the UX Tipping Point - 1 views

    Surprisingly, few are talking about what could be the biggest user experience story of 2014: The introduction of the Disney Magic Band. Once activated, park Guests use the Magic Band to gain access to the park, get in priority queues for the attractions, pay for their purchases at the concession stands, and even get into their hotel room.
Garry Golden

What is engagement, and when is it meaningful? | Museum Questions - 0 views

  • Garry Golden commented, “There is always risk of being seen as trendy or just buzz– but ‘engagement’ is a huge concept being explored today by people across the learning world…. I think engagement is a concept worth exploring.” And blogger Gretchen Jennings responded, in a post on her Museum Commons blog,  that she has and continues to “[urge] museum educators to focus less on formal education materials and methods and more on interpretive planning in exhibitions and visitor engagement in the museum, both on site and online. So I have decided to explore engagement in more depth. What is it, anyway? What would it mean for the-profession-formerly-known-as-museum- education to facilitate visitor engagement?
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