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Ariane Karakalos

Plains Art Museum Seeks Community Involvement with Upcoming Exhibition « Plai... - 0 views

  • The exhibition, titled You Like This: A Democratic Approach to the Museum Collection, will be on display October 6 to January 15. All work in the exhibition will have been chosen by the public through crowdsourcing.
  • three-step process
  • advisory pane
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • short survey online
  • pieces to choose from, so the panel will help narrow the focus based on the data from the survey.  After that, the public will b
  • After that, the public will be able to vote online for the specific pieces that will be part of the exhibition.
Ruth Cuadra

Social Impact Innovation Company Redefines Financial Education With Traveling Museum Ex... - 0 views

    Here's an interesting idea for a way to bring baby boomers into the museum (one section is about retirement planning) exhibit that attempts to make financial information resonant and "stick" with people
Ariane Karakalos

The Portland Art Museum Transforms an Exhibition Into a Social Platform | Fast Company - 0 views

  • museum borrowed from social networking platforms and created a dynamic ecosystem that invites different
  • evels of involvement from three types of people--creators, commentators and consumer
  • The museum's bold step was reaching out to creators--Portland's creative community--and inviting them to make their own exhibitions and events exploring the creative revolution in China as part of the total China Design Now exhibition experience.
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  • To extend community involvement online, the museum created where sixteen different blog editors from the community contribute content and editorial perspectives daily.
  • While including potentially offensive underground comics and "amateur" art may make some traditional museum-goers uncomfortable, the museum believes that inviting people to be part of the experience is necessary to remain relevant and worth the risk.
Steve Bailey

Museum Exhibit Design Companies - 0 views

    Get professional services for museum exhibit design. ImagecraftExhibits is the best place where you can find creative professional exhibit designers for trade shows and museums.
Ruth Cuadra

Third Space: Birmingham Museum of Art presents first large exhibition of contemporary a... - 0 views

    Another take on what it means for a museum to have a third space.
Ariane Karakalos

Four Ways to Keep the Museum Experience Relevant | Fast Company - 0 views

  • The event was successful from both historical and new metrics. Attendance surpassed projections and 1,700 new memberships were generated just from people waiting in line for the exhibition. More importantly for Ferriso, the city-wide experience changed how people perceive the museum.
  • Chinese residents from Chinatown got involved for the first time.
  • Kids showed up by the busloads. Local restaurants hosted after-parties for young patrons, and robust blog discussions were moderated by some of Portland's design community. By extending the conversation throughout the city, the museum was able to attract a new audience and re-energize its traditional base.
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  • Ferriso understood that the ability of the museum to involve more people in the conversation was based on the relevancy of the content.
  • The CDN content was particularly relevant to Portland and had the potential to attract a new audience--the young creative class.
  • Portland has had a long trade relationship with China due to its location in the Pacific Northwest, and city officials intend to forge even closer ties. Portland's entrepreneurs and business people are interested in understanding more about this global force that is transforming the sociopolitical dynamic of the world. In addition, the exhibition's focus on design, though not traditional for the museum, connected with Portland's thriving design community.
  • triggered local businesses that were not previously involved with the museum to get involved
  • Discussions are ongoing about bringing in more exhibitions that are relevant to local businesses.
  • They invited a small number of people from the creative community who they knew would help stimulate conversation, like a good host at a dinner party. These creators hosted their own events and were invited to blog on the exhibition's Web site.
  • The bigger challenge for the museum was releasing control of the conversation. Museums are historically cautious, and protective of the intellectual rigor of each exhibition.
  • Curation: Stay true to who you are."At the end of the day, you still need to present a point of view," said Jay. "Curation is still king." The museum was able to successfully move beyond the traditional museum experience and remain authentic because it understood its core promise--inspiring conversations through art and culture. The medium of social media did not become the museum's promise, but a means to connect with a new generation of potential patrons. It remained committed to curatorial rigor, the selection of collaborators was strategic, and the topic was timely and meaningful. By staying true to its purpose, the museum was able to be relevant to this new generation without alienating its traditional patrons. An 85-year-old board member said it best: "CDN allowed the museum to rethink how it connects with people."
  • New metrics are being discussed to measure the value of the conversations generated by the museum. Ideas include measuring repeat visits to the museum, quality of conversations, and influence (how do you measure the impact of inspiring the next Frank Gehry?).
Karen Wade

Death by Curation: Why the Special Exhibit Isn't So Special Anymore (CASE STU... - 2 views

    Understanding that a museum visit is more about people than it is about objects.
Megan Conn

Making Art out of America's Interstates | Planetizen - 0 views

    I can see such photographs in a museum exhibition. :)  What's next?
Ruth Cuadra

Mesa youth museum expands business model - 1 views

    Developing a program of traveling exhibitions gives museum a new source of revenue
Lisa Eriksen

Cisco, iRobot team up on video collaboration robot | ZDNet - 0 views

    A robot docent? Curators giving tours of exhibits remotely?
Megan Conn

Museum exhibitions come to movie theaters » Redding Record Searchlight - 0 views

    Big museums come to small towns.  How to small town museums stay relevant? 
Ruth Cuadra

No regrets: Close that menu and enjoy your meal more - 0 views

    Certain physical acts of completion provide consumers with a sense of closure that makes them happier with their purchases. How can we apply this knowledge to stores/cafes?
Ruth Cuadra

Invariant Civilizational Properties in Futurist Scenarios - 1 views

    If the extraterrestrialization of human civilization is consistent with all previous human civilization, then human extraterrestrial civilization will exhibit the civilizational invariants of warfare, social hierarchy, and geographically settled communities
Kristen Olson

STANFORD: Robotic block party puts new high-tech creations on... | - 0 views

    I went to this great open house yesterday on campus, "Robot Block Party." Everything from the Nasa robotics team to amateur tinkerers frankensteining robots in their backyards. A couple people from the Exhibits team at the Cal Academy showed a kinect-powered robot they had been tinkering with as a side project, where - their idea - would be to put the robot (with a camera) on the roof, and you'd be able to "drive" it using the kinect inside the museum. And of course, there was the self-driving race car, complete with the ubiquitous Stanford parking sticker.
Ruth Cuadra

DOE Study: LED Museum Lighting Safe, Effective, Efficient | - 1 views

    Final evaluation of retrofit using LED lamps in track lighting for photography exhibit at Getty Museum finds cost savings and deterioration no worse than filtered halogen lamps for equivalent exposure
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