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Hans De Keulenaer

Energy Harvesting the Next Big Thing for the Smart Grid | The Energy Collective - 0 views

  • Solar panels capture energy from light and convert it to electricity.   This is the most visible form of energy harvesting, but it is hardly the only one.  Energy harvesting captures energy lost as heat, light, sound, vibration, or movement.  Devices that harvest or scavenge energy can capture, accumulate, store, condition, and manage this energy into electricity for consumption.  That’s important, because our existing electricity infrastructure is extremely wasteful in its use of energy.  For instance, today’s technologies used in electricity generation are not energy efficient.  Traditional gas or steam-powered turbines convert heat to mechanical energy, which is then converted to electricity.  Up to two thirds of that energy input is lost as heat.  Those old incandescent bulbs (technology invented by Thomas Edison in 1879) were real energy losers too.  Ninety percent of the electricity flowing into incandescent bulbs ends up as waste heat. That’s lost energy, which is why smart federal legislation banned incandescents in favor of more energy efficient sources of lighting starting in 2012.
Hans De Keulenaer

Spotlight on energy harvesting - 0 views

  • Before going any further, let's look at the forces driving energy harvesting, aka energy scavenging. While it would be convenient to say the technology's rise is tied directly to the "green" movement, it really results from a confluence of factors: Device output voltage is increasing, power-management circuits have lower losses and higher efficiency, and ICs that actually do the intelligent work and data transmission are operating at ever-decreasing voltage and power levels.
Hans De Keulenaer

a bit of discipline on tagging - 120 views

As I'm cleaning up tags, a few points in addition: - avoid meaningless tags. E.g. energy, as this is an energy group. Or green - what does that mean? - tags in plural please. We've started ...


Kid Powered Toys That Harness The Power of Play | Inhabitots - 4 views

    What seems to start as play things, can make a big difference on how we view local energy production.
Glycon Garcia

ENN: Electricity from the exhaust pipe - 0 views

  • Researchers are working on a thermoelectric generator that converts the heat from car exhaust fumes into electricity. The module feeds the energy into the car’s electronic systems. This cuts fuel consumption and helps reduce the CO2 emissions from motor vehicles.
Colin Bennett

Crystals turn roads into power stations - 1 views

    by placing piezoelectric crystals under the asphalt that convert vibration into electricity, Israeli engineers hope to harvest energy from passing vehicles.
Hans De Keulenaer

Portland's Green Microgym Channels Human Exercise Power Into Electricity | - 0 views

  • You’ve always been able to burn energy at the gym. Now, you can create it too.The Green Microgym, in the Alberta arts district of northeast Portland, opens this week and aims to turn human energy into electricity.Adam Boesel, a personal trainer and the owner of the gym, rigged up spin bikes with weedwacker motors and truck alternators in hopes of creating the first human-powered gym in the United States.
Hans De Keulenaer

A Portable Kinetic Motion Charger »» MetaEfficient Reviews - 0 views

  • A company called M2E Power has announced plans today to release a charger that will powered by kinetic motion. The released date is expected to be next summer. The charger derives power from the motion of walking, jogging, cycling, or driving. Six hours of motion provides 30 to 60 minutes of charging power. It will be priced between $25 and $40.
    Pardon me, but things like this are akin to someone perfecting the bow and arrow in an effort to win World War Two.
Hans De Keulenaer

Scientists make unique knee-brace power generator | Science | Reuters - 0 views

  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Talk about a knee-jerk reaction. Scientists in the United States and Canada said on Thursday they have developed a unique device that can be strapped on the knee that exploits the mechanics of human walking to generate a usable supply of electricity.
Colin Bennett

Renewable Energy Tech Uses Rain - Piezoelectric - 0 views

  • In the 21st century we have seen numerous ways to create alternative energies. Some are much more popular than others (Eco Football), but throughout the thought process there seems to be a unique pattern in the sources of renewable energy, most of which are inspired by mother nature. Piezoelectric is a science that produces energy as an object is bent, deformed, or stressed. According to Groovy Green “Scientists at the CEA/Leti-Minatec in Grenoble are looking at this technology as a way to harness the vibrations caused by falling raindrops. According to the article, the system works with raindrops ranging in diameter from 1 to 5 mm, and simulations show that it’s possible to recover up to 12 milliwatts from one of the larger ‘downpour’ drops
    Another apparent harebrained idea. Wouldn't it be more economic to capture rain and run it through a hydro turbine?
Hans De Keulenaer

Potenco » Products - 0 views

  • Potenco’s Pull-Cord Generator (PCG) keeps portable electronic devices working all the time while providing freedom and independence from traditional power sources.Simply hold the PCG in the palm of one hand, pull the cord with the other hand, and generate instant energy. The PCG safely powers rechargeable batteries and provides energy for a variety of critical electronics such as lighting, cell phones, radios, GPS, PDAs, and water purifiers.
Colin Bennett

Clean Break :: Heat-recovery tech for drains hits Home Depot - 0 views

  • The company's Power-Pipe technology is basically copper tubing that wraps around a residential drain pipe.
  • The company claims the system will pay for itself in two to five years, it can be used in new and old homes, and it can reduce home energy consumption by 5 to 10 per cent. Not bad when you consider the hot water portion only accounts for 20 to 30 per cent of total home energy use.
    May be a "simple" copper oportunity...
Hans De Keulenaer

Smart Garments - Clothes with Integrated Electronics - 0 views

  • Imagine wearing a smart T-shirt or a suit embedded with tiny electronics that can monitor your heart or respiratory function wirelessly. When dirty, you take it off and throw it in the wash or have it dry-cleaned.
Hans De Keulenaer

What's Next In Science & Technology - Harvesting the energy of human movement to pr... - 0 views

  • The so-called "Crowd Farm," as envisioned by James Graham and Thaddeus Jusczyk, both M.Arch candidates, would turn the mechanical energy of people walking or jumping into a source of electricity.
Hans De Keulenaer

Ecotality Life » Harnessing Lightning To Power Cities - 0 views

  • One of the more intriguing examples was from an inventor named Steve LeRoy who has developed a system to harness energy from lightning bolts.

J Sainsbury plc : Responsibility - News - 0 views

  • Sainsbury’s launches the world’s first people powered checkouts First there was wind and solar energy, now Sainsbury's is opening a store where the checkouts will be powered by people; using advanced technology that allows customers to shop and save (the planet that is).
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