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Hans De Keulenaer

Travel Green: Bicycling in the City : Sustainablog - 0 views

  • For years, I was a public transit aficionado, constantly trumpeting the benefits of buses. I have to admit, though, that it didn’t take me long to swear off buses (and their rising costs to ride) forever, in favor of a totally free bicycle that could spirit me off to anywhere–back alleys and unique routes included.
Hans De Keulenaer

Inhabitat » Hybrid Squared: Ingenious Energy-Generating Bike Rental System - 0 views

  • Designer Chiyu Chen has conceived of an ingenious transit system that encourages the use of sustainable transportation by crediting people for renting and riding bicycles. His Hybrid2 system consists of a fleet of rentable bicycles that are capable of generating and storing kinetic energy, which is then used to power the city’s hybrid electric buses. Simply rent a bike, charge it up with kinetic energy from pedal power, and then return it to a kiosk - the station feeds energy into the city’s smart grid, and you receive a credit towards your next bus pass!
    It's not always about numbers and science. The general appeal for this idea might make it work, even though - from an engineering viewpoint - it's like trying to build a fortune saving nickels and dimes.
Colin Bennett

Hyperefficient Transportation: Utility Bikes and Bike Trailers : MetaEfficient - 0 views

  • Utility bikes or “work bikes” are very efficient vehicles for transporting cargo (and children too). They are quite popular in bike-friendly places like Amsterdam, Copenhagen and China. Bikes can tow a remarkable amount of weight. Loads in excess of 880 pounds (400 kilograms) have been hauled behind bikes along flat surfaces. Generally though, 300 pounds (140 kilograms) is considered the upper threshold for hauling. Full-sized refrigerators or couches that won’t fit in a car can comfortably be pulled behind a bicycle with the right kind of trailer.

Solar filling station opened in Bozen - - Green - sustainable planning and co... - 0 views

    1.7 kWp, 2000kWh per year. How many cars per annum can you charge at, say, 5KWh each? Better stick to bicycles and phones!
    South Tyrol gets serious about solar mobility: The "E-Move Charging Station", a pilot project of the Bozen entrepreneur Valentin Runggaldier, is to supply electrically operated bicycles, scooters, cars and even mobile phones with the necessary "fuel" from the sun. The solar charging stations were designed by Michael Scherer from Brixen
Hans De Keulenaer

Zoomi Life - News and Information from the Electric Vehicle industry - 0 views

  • The soleckshaw is basically motor-assisted bicycle that features a motor driven by a 36-volt battery recharged - or swapped - at a solar charging station. The soleckshaw can carry three passengers and can go about 12.5 miles per hour. Drivers can drive under their own power on flat roads, then switch on the motor to go up hills or give themselves a break when the load gets too heavy.
Sergio Ferreira

The Matra MS1 Electric Bike : MetaEfficient - 0 views

  • This could be a great commuting machine — it's an electric-powered bike designed by the French company Matra. The bike was recently introduced at the Paris Motorshow. It has a range of 60 miles, in addition to the mileage you add by using pedal power. It has a top speed of 30 miles per hour, but this is an artificial limit set on the motor.
Sergio Ferreira

Throw away your car (but not immediately)! - 0 views

  • Actually, I should run the old one, at least fo another 250,000 kilometres. Why? Because over that period it will pollute as much as the new car when it’s being manufactured.
Colin Bennett

Scaling small energy harvesters for the grid - 2 views

  • there are now other forms of energy harvesters developed initially at the micro level which are now being scaled to produce enough energy to replace or supplement grid power. For example, take the humble bicycle dynamo - based on an electrodynamic energy harvester. The same technology is also used in large scale wind power, but now it has been redesigned to work beyond a rotary means. EnOcean, Germany, offer more than 500 products based on this technology from light switches powered by pressing the switch to wirelessly monitored mouse traps powered by the mouse entering the trap. Re designing the decades old technology is now making other, larger scale applications possible.
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