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Jeff Richardson

The Power of Educational Technology - 0 views

    Great blog for edtech stuff
Shaun Fletcher

Teacher 2.0 - 0 views

    From Patrick Higgins
Scott Weidig - The horizontal Flickr slideshow - 0 views

    Way cool tool for quickly creating a horizontal slide show of flickr images. Allows for an embed code for use elsewhere!
    Way cool tool to easilt create a flickr horzontal slideshow in seconds. Even creates embed code for use elsewhere!
Ben W

Purposeful Networking | Reflection 2.0 - 0 views

  • the older demographic uses networking more for professional purposes
  • Aaron describes how he’s fine with seeing the real side of prospective employees on Facebook profiles and twitterstreams because it gives him a better picture of who people are, but in our opinion and experience, networking is much more than simply posting information about yourself on various sites
  • the education profession historically has been a profession of “isolationism” despite recent efforts to establish Professional Learning Communities within schools.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Networking is extremely powerful for connecting educators and students to professionals outside of education - the challenge in education today is breaking down barriers and allowing students and teachers access to the sites and time in the school day and curriculum
    A good in-depth article arguing that purposeful networking (easily done w/ web2.0 tools) should be a skill addressed in education.
Jeff Richardson

ASCD - 0 views

    Great article on why we need to rethink how we intereact with our content AND students.
Thomas Ho

ChaCha. Good Answer. - 0 views

shared by Thomas Ho on 01 Apr 08 - No Cached
    1800 2chacha launched today and it's NO April Fool's joke...try it!
Art Gelwicks

Creating a Collaborative Syllabus Using Moodle : March 2008 : THE Journal - 0 views

  • The more input students could have in the process outside of class, the more class time could be saved for covering the material.
    • Art Gelwicks
      The idea of making work tools available outside the classroom is good, but there needs to be some method of follow-up by the instructor.

North Whiteville Academy - 0 views

    Our teacher learning community here at North Whiteville Academy depends on teachers sharing instructional strategies and ideas that are effective in the classroom. Here are a few sites and resources we use.
Pat Hensley Free Book Notes,Study Guides,Chapter Summary,Online,Download Booknotes - 0 views

shared by Pat Hensley on 01 Apr 08 - Cached
    Over 450 Free Study Guides/Book Notes/Book Reviews/Online Chapter Summary/Notes/Analysis for literature titles.

Betchablog - 0 views

shared by anonymous on 01 Apr 08 - Cached
Doug Noon

ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan: Audience, Purpose, and Language Use in Electronic Messages - 0 views

    With the increasing popularity of e-mail and online instant messaging among today's teens, a recognizable change has occurred in the language that students use in their writing. This lesson explores the language of electronic messages and how it affects other writing.
Dave Truss

Teacher Technology Survey - 0 views

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Your answers will help me to better meet your technology needs.
  • 3. Which of the following would you like to learn more about?Please check as many as you would like.
  • 4. What is your preferred way to learn about new technologies?Please check as many as you would like.
    3. Which of the following would you like to learn more about? Please check as many as you would like. 4. What is your preferred way to learn about new technologies? Please check as many as you would like.
Deborah Goodman - 0 views

shared by Deborah Goodman on 31 Mar 08 - Cached
Jo Fothergill

IMPACT '08 - The Social, Cultural & Ethical Impact of ICT Innovation - 0 views

shared by Jo Fothergill on 31 Mar 08 - Cached
  • Social Interaction August 18 How are innovations in ICT impacting on how people interact?  What is the impact of innovative ICTs eliminating the tyranny of distance and time?  Community Building September 15 What impact does ICT innovation have in building communities?  And, has the concept of community changed away from a geographic focus?  And what is the impact on the individual’s association with their multiple communities?
    • Jo Fothergill
      could be of interest to educators
Mike Leonard

2008 Presidential Election Interactive Map - 0 views

    Great Visual Aid when talking about the Electoral College. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!
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