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Martin Burrett

Magna Carta Template - 7 views

    An adaptable template for writing your own Magna Carta. Template contains a brief, editable introduction to the Magna Carta.
Vicki Davis

Apple's iPad and the Human Costs for Workers in China - - 12 views

    There is a human cost when manufacturing is outsourced to places that do not respect human rights. This article is making the rounds in light of Apple's stellar financial performance but it can be related to other companies too. Overseas reall means "no one sees" and thus no one cares. We should care about human beings being treated in a humane way no matter where they live.
Felix Gryffeth

Op-Ed Contributor - How to End the Slavery Blame-Game - - 1 views

    The debate over slavery reparations ignores Africans' role in selling human beings.
Felix Gryffeth

School Suspensions Lead to Legal Challenge - - 5 views

    Racial and constitutional questions are raised in the suspension of students after a fight at their high school.
Ruth Howard

Safeguard the Lands and Waters of the Black Mesa Petition : [ powered by ] - 0 views

  • . Recognize that the Hopi and Navajo tribes from 1970 to 2005 were consistently under-compensated for thousands of tons of coal and over 45 billion gallons of precious aquifer water to power the Mohave Generating Station (Mohave) to provide Southern California with lower cost electricity.
  • Such compensation should be drawn from the proposed sale of Edison's share of Sulfur Dioxide allowances credited to owners of Mohave for cutting 40,000 tons of toxic gas produced by Mohave prior to its closure in 2005.
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  • 3. Support a proposal by CAlifornians for Renewable Energy, Inc. (CARE) to use some of the sale proceeds to establish a permanent community trust fund for Hopi and Navajo communities on Black Mesa
  • safeguarding the lands and waters of Black Mesa
  • The plant will be built on tribal land and will be owned and operated by an electric cooperative composed of Hopi and Navajo grassroots people. It will generate 300 permanent jobs, construction jobs and generate an annual income of over $7 million.
Ruth Howard

GetUp! Campaign Actions - 1 views

  • The results of the Government's National Human Rights Consultation show that Australians have overwhelmingly called for a Human Rights Act. It's crucial that we seize this moment and ensure the Government act on the recommendations. Add your name to our petition, calling on the Government to enact a Human Rights Act that secures the rights of all Australians. The greater the weight of community support behind an Act the harder the Government will find it to back away from the call. Sign the petition below:
    Yes...we actually dont have one!-yet.
Dean Mantz

Bill of Rights Institute - 0 views

    This website provides opportunities to learn more about the Bill of Rights. It provides links for students and educators. Constitution Day 2008 materials are available.
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