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Ed Webb

Lucy Kellaway: what my students have taught me about race | Financial Times - 1 views

  • By the time I left the FT I had spent the best part of six decades associating almost exclusively with people who had been to top universities and did grandish jobs and were all white. I sometimes felt sheepish about this but never thought it was my fault. I was merely a product of class, generation, education and profession. 
  • this uncomfortable audit began, not with the killing of a black man in Minnesota, but three years earlier, when I started teaching in a school in Hackney. At the age of 58 I was lifted out of a world in which everyone was like me into a world where I was in a minority as a white Brit. My pupils’ families came from all over the place: first-, second- and sometimes third-generation immigrants from Nigeria and Ghana, from the Caribbean, from Turkey and Bangladesh and Vietnam.
  • It wasn’t a question of being “politically correct”. The matter was as simple as this: if I say something that causes offence, then I have to learn to stop saying it. Right away. 
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  • I know my heart is in the right place on race, but I also know my heart is an irrelevant organ when it comes to traversing this minefield. I need instruction. 
  • what things used to be like is an irrelevance to these young women. What matters to them is the present — and their account of it is both important and distressing.
  • In the absence of any better ideas, all I think I can do for now is to listen to my students talking about their world, while continuing to talk to them about mine. I am educating them. And they are educating me.
Patricia Cone

A Treasury of Defacings of Pamela Geller's Racist Subway Ads | The Awl - 6 views

    I don't get how public displays of rudeness and bigotry can be defended by free speech laws.  Am I missing something? 
Ed Webb

BNP members to be barred from teaching | Education | The Guardian - 4 views

    Tough call
Kelly Faulkner

Watching "Not In Our Town" Together: A Classroom Guide | Not in Our Town - 10 views

    resource for anti-bullying unit
Kelly Faulkner

Elie Wiesel Speech The Perils of Indifference - 4 views

    At The History Place - Part of our great speeches collection.
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