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Yuly Asencion

The pedagogical foundations of massive open online courses | Glance | First Monday - 23 views

    This website is the best news site, all the information is here and always on the update. We accept criticism and suggestions. Happy along with you here. I really love you guys. :-)
Darcy Goshorn

Experience with facilitating professional development and TurnItIn - 18 views

    In an environment where global economy, global collaboration, and global 'knowledge' are 
    the aspiration of many countries, the understanding of the complexities of plagiarism becomes 
    a global requirement that needs to be addressed by all educators and learners. This paper 
    considers a simple definition of plagiarism, and then briefly considers reasons why students 
    plagiarise. At Unitec NZ, Te Puna Ako: The Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation 
    (TPA:CTLI) is working closely with faculty, managers, student support services and library 
    personnel to introduce strategies and tools that can be integrated into programmes and 
    curricula whilst remaining flexible enough to be tailored for specific learners. The authors 
    therefore provide an overview of one of the tools available to check student work for 
    plagiarism - Turnitin - and describe the academic Professional Development (PD) 
    approaches that have been put in place to share existing expertise, as well as help staff at 
    Unitec NZ to use the tool in pedagogically informed ways, which also assist students in its 
    use. Evaluation and results are considered, before concluding with some recommendations. It 
    goes on to theorise how blended programmes that fully integrate academic literacy skills and 
    conventions might be used to positively scaffold students in the avoidance of plagiarism. 
    Conference participants will be asked to comment on and discuss their institutions' approach 
    to supporting the avoidance of plagiarism (including the utilisation of PDS and other 
    deterrents), describe their own personal experiences, and relate the strategies they employ in 
    their teaching practice and assessment design to help their learners avoid plagiarism. It is 
    planned to record the session so that the audience's narratives can be shared with other 
    This website is the best news site, all the information is here and always on the update. We accept criticism and suggestions. Happy along with you here. I really love you guys. :-)
Sally Walters

Educating the Net Generation | EDUCAUSE - 26 views

    An Educause book about the Net Gen
    This website is the best news site, all the information is here and always on the update. We accept criticism and suggestions. Happy along with you here. I really love you guys. :-)
Barbara Moose

TPCK - Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge - TPCK - 0 views

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Ced Paine

IMPLEMENTING THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES - Technology as a Lever - 0 views

    The TLT Group
Ced Paine

21st century Pedagogy | Educational Origami - 1 views

    21st C skills, assessment, connections to Bloom's
April H.

eLearn: Best Practices - Seven Steps to Better E-learning - 0 views

  • If you're faced with an expert saying, "They need to know this," ask a simple question: "Armed with this new knowledge, what can learners do differently than before?" Get your SMEs thinking in terms of new skills, not new knowledge.
    • April H.
      I find this is even true within the Master's courses I develop. Even though our students need the knowledge, they also need to be able to apply it in practical ways. SMEs lose track of that easily because they cannot see the trees for the forest.

      Our job as instructional designers is to ask the right questions and focus our SMEs so that we can design courses that include both the knowledge and skills that students need.
  • But valuable mistakes only happen when we maintain an appropriate level of challenge.
    • April H.
      We learn from our mistakes and it should be no different in e-learning. While designing a course, we should be aware that learners will foul up and take advantage of those teachable moments. The course/game/learning experience should be designed so that it is safe to make a mistake and learn from it rather than be punished for it.
    "...a distillation of cognitive research on learning intended to make your e-learning more effective, and to create a better experience for the learner. These seven principles integrate cognitive and emotional components of learning, and the more that happens, the greater the outcomes."
Melissa Smith

Can this Video get Teachers Started? - 0 views

    inspiring video for teachers to see why they should transform their teaching style
Natalie Lafferty

Research Online - 0 views

    New Technologies, New pedagogies: Mobile learning in higher education.
    Jan Gerrington, Anthony Herrington, Jessica Mantei, Ian Olney & Brian Ferry - University of Wollongong.
Karen Chichester

100 Free Online Lectures that Will Make You a Better Teacher | Best Universities - 0 views

    Lots of good stuff here.
Russel Tarr

Daily Aphorisms from The School of Life - 0 views

    ...shame that this doesn't have an RSS feed!

Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better | OEDb - 4 views

    77 Different Tips to help you learn
    This website is the best news site, all the information is here and always on the update. We accept criticism and suggestions. Happy along with you here. I really love you guys. :-)
J Black

Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy » Flickr Perversion - 0 views

    Yesterday, I received an email notice saying that a few of my Flickr photos had been favorited. These particular photos were of my children, mostly of my daughter. Every time this happens, I go to see who the Flickr user is, and most of the time, it is a family member, a close friend, or someone I know through Twitter (or other social network). I did not recognize the user in this particular case, and when I went to see their photos, the Flickr message alerted me that none of the user's photos were available. Seeing as my photos had been favorited, I went to see what other photos had been marked as favorites by this user.
Iain Robertson

Looking for people to share their web 2.0 teaching experience - 72 views

Hi Everyone. I am posting this thread in the hopes of finding a couple of people that might be interested in sharing their web 2.0 teaching experiences. Specifically, I am hoping that some of you ...

web 2.0 pedagogy design

started by Iain Robertson on 22 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
Dave Truss

» An Open Letter to Teachers Bud the Teacher - 0 views

  • I hope you take lots of risks for the sake of learning this year. Not just for your students, but also for you. Make it a goal to try to learn something in a sustained and meaningful way that has little to do with your classroom life.
  • Be an expert when you need to be. Be a learner always. You are probably the most experienced learner in your classroom. But don’t assume you’re the most knowledgable person or object. If you’ve a computer handy, then you’re not. Embrace that. Relationships and mentoring cannot be outsourced or Googled. They take time and genuine concern.
  • You need no one’s permission to postpone a due date or modify an assignment for the benefit of a student, or to delay some grading for the benefit of yourself or your family.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • And share the good stuff. Your stories are all human ones, and they are all special, just as each one of you, and each of your students, is special. There is always someone curious about what you’re up to.
    As you gear up in whatever way that you do, I selfishly wanted to jot down a few reminders that I'd be telling myself if I were about to get started.
Paul McMahon

1-to-1 Learning - 0 views

    Of interest may be a look at the following site. EQ has done a range of research around the area of 1:1. It has recently released a 1:1 Smart Classrooms Byte on the topic which may help in some ways answer some of the issues on 1:1.

    The website is:

    The downloadable PDF titled "Smart Classrooms Byte: 21 Steps to 21st Century 1-to-1 Success" is listed in the first line.

    On the page is also some base information on the trials currently underway using some of the Ultra mobiles mentioned in this thread (i.e. eeePC, etc)
Paul Beaufait

Visual Understanding Environment - 0 views

    The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) project at Tufts is focused on creating flexible tools for managing and integrating digital resources in support of teaching, learning and research. VUE provides a flexible visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information.
    This website is the best news site, all the information is here and always on the update. We accept criticism and suggestions. Happy along with you here. I really love you guys. :-)
Todd Suomela

A Seismic Shift in Epistemology ~ Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes - 0 views

    Response to Chris Dede article on the "Seismic Shift in Epistemology"
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