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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Elva Mendoza

Lisandra Medina

Technology In Your Classroom - 19 views

started by Lisandra Medina on 10 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
  • Elva Mendoza
    Being in the MTT program I am more conscience about integrating technology in my classroom. I have integrated technology in the area of Social Studies. Last semester I taught my students how to search the web for information on Native Americans, afterwards I taught my students how to create a power point. To my amazement more than half my classroom had never created a power point. At this point my students have mastered power point. The next project they will be working on is newsletter. I found a great website for creating a newsletter based on information they learned during our American Revolution study. The website is below for anyone who teaches about the American Revolution. I have introduced my students to a web 2.0 tool called voki. The students will create an avatar to present part of their newsletter. The link is at the bottom. My students are all excited about using voki, because it allows them to create an avatar and they type in the information and the avatar does the presentation for them.
Itza Moses

Favorite Classroom Technology Application - 23 views

classroom technology
started by Itza Moses on 29 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Elva Mendoza
    I would love to learn to use Edmodo, because I hear so many teachers using it. I need to get the link and really play around with it. My 13 year old child needed to turn in a pppt presentation so I asked her if she needed my pen drive and she replied, "No, I need to submit my lesson to Edmodo." It seems her team of teachers are having them use Edmodo to turn in their assignments. Itza has a good point when she talks about students not having a computer or internet access, so I have seen this as a challenge.

    I am going to begin teaching my kids how to create a Voki. This is a great tool for students to create an avatar that can present for them on certain topic. I am going to have my students work on an important person of the Revolutionary War and have them present it using their Voki. I will include the website so everyone can have a chance to look at it. Another great feature of this web 2.0 tool is that it has lesson plans for all grade levels and subjects.
Salina V

Week 8 discussion - 38 views

technology classroom integrating
started by Salina V on 06 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Elva Mendoza
    I really enjoyed reading the article and definitely agree with the statement, "Yes, we can be afraid of technology," she said, "but I'm more afraid of what will happen if we don't use it." I just finished submitting my grant proposal and I basically stated what the article said. I am trying to integrate technology into my science curriculum, but technology tools don't come cheap. Writing grants is a great idea, but I feel they can be time consuming. I believe that our school districts need to make technology a priority and begin budgeting their money towards technology. I was so impressed to hear that a principal from another school was using school money to purchase Kindles for her teachers, and that next school year she will be buying 5 Kindles for each classroom.

    This is a great article that point out why we should integrate technology into our curriculum. As stated in the article, "Learning through projects while equipped with technology tools allows students to be intellectually challenged while providing them with a realistic snapshot of what the modern office looks like." The only way to prepare our students for the world is to bring our teaching to the 21st Century.
Olivet Castillo

Reading Comprehension and Technology - 29 views

reading technology classroom
started by Olivet Castillo on 01 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Elva Mendoza
    Their is a lot of valuble resources on the web connecting reading with technology. I found this great website that provides the knowledge, experience, resources and sources to conduct a reader's theatre workshop in your classroom. I u sed reader's theatre during summer school and my students were so excited to present their skits. My students used sock puppets, live acting, and shadow puppets.

    The following websites contains web activites dealing with phonemes, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, motivation, and author's online.
Esther Sauceda

Professional Development and Administrator Support - 30 views

technology classroom tech
started by Esther Sauceda on 02 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Elva Mendoza
    Great article! I have been saying the same thing to anyone who listens. Being part of the MTT program I see the importance of integrating technology in our classrooms. I feel that Donna ISD provides the technology for emails, grades, lesson plans, parent communication, and staff development. But, I have to agree with Ms. Starr that the principal needs to model the usage of technology. At my campus there is no emphasis on technology. I asked my principle before the winter break if I could share some of what I learned through the MTT program and she said yes, but up until today she hasn't asked me when I would like to share what I learned. I am hoping with two MTT's at our campus technology will be emphasized a little more.
Corina Carmona

iGeneration, what the fuss? - 40 views

started by Corina Carmona on 24 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Elva Mendoza
    I am definitely part of the NetGeneration, because I do use email,texting, and now blogging thanks to the MTT program. I am from the old school(GenXers) when it comes to the telephone and texting. When I want to catch up with an old friend I prefer talking than texting. I think texting is okay for quick responses, but not for l. For example, a good friend of mine told me that she and a guy she met were talking on the phone. She was so excited, because everything he tells her seemed like he was ready for a relationship. But, the following week she noticed that his conversations were different from before. I adviced her to ask him about it the next time they talked. Well, to my surprise she told me that there conversations were done through text message. I told her that she needed to hear his voice to see if he was sincere or not. With that being said I guess I don't qualify to be part of the iGeneration. I am hoping that through the MTT program I will get closer to being part of the iGeneration.

How has becoming an MTT change you? - 45 views

tech classroom
started by Claudia MARQUEZ on 19 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Elva Mendoza
    Enrolling in the MTT program has brought a new perspective on the integration of technology. I thought by me going from an overhead projector to using a document camera and smartboard I was integrating technology. After last semester I realized that my teaching habits hadn't changed. I was using this great technology that I had in my room the same way I would use the overhead projector. I want to make a difference in my school and show teachers how great of a tool technology is to teach our students. I want teachers a well as administrators to trust technology to be at the forfront of our instruction. The MTT program has taught me what is web 2.0, because in the past I dismissed any training having to do with web 2.0 and just didn't see the importance of technology staff development. I find myself wanting to attend more staff development based on technology. I have asked my principal to allow me to share some web 2.0 sites with the teachers. I hope to continue with the program to receive my masters degree.
Shannon Reynolds

Do you know about TED? - 49 views

Fall 2012
started by Shannon Reynolds on 07 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Elva Mendoza
    After viewing the video on the wii control I am amazed how creative one person can be to overcome barriers (money) when it comes to educating our children. I was so impressed after I viewed the video that I began to read comments left by other viewers. I came to the link below and was in ahh how two teachers from Cambodia took this idea about the wii remoted and used it to create interactive whiteboards using obsolete technology.

    If two teachers in Cambodia can overcome creative barriers, why are not teaching our students creativity when we have the means to teach creativity in the United States.

    Thank you Shannon for sharing such a great website.
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