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Berylaube 00

13 Examples of Literature in Song - 21 views

    "It's no real surprise that Wikipedia has a thorough list of these, but it's interesting to parse through the many, and find a neat collection of songs and albums that were based on, or influenced by books. Led Zeppelin has a scatological lyric library referencing JRR Tolkien, but let's see what else is out there."
Berylaube 00

CliffsNotes Films - 3 views

    Join Cliff and experience some of Shakespeare's classics as you have never seen before. Mark Burnett, Coalition Films, Josh Faure-Brac and Cambio will be bringing you Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Macbeth, and more. Click here to see them all now!
Berylaube 00

Awesome Stories - 4 views

    TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE AwesomeStories is large resource filled with primary-source information. Its purpose is to help educators and individuals find original sources, located at national archives, libraries, universities, museums, historical societies and government-created web sites. The site is very easy to use and is would be helpful to use with many projects across the curriculum.
andrew bendelow

Videora - Free Video Converter - 6 views

    for schools, another online free video file converter--not bad as long as your school won't block it
Teresa Ilgunas home - movieclips - 19 views

    Search by mood, character, theme, setting and more...clips from all kinds of movies.
Jane Lofton

Free Technology for Teachers: Free Teacher Training Videos - Including Moodle - 0 views

    Tutorials on tech topics for teachers and students
Clifford Baker

Documenting the Digital Generation | Ecology of Education - 0 views

  • offers a wealth of videos which will be relevant to anyone who wants to better understand the new media literacies, participatory culture, and young people’s online lives, themes which recur here with great frequency.
  • First, the site brings together substantive conversations with what they are calling “Big Thinkers.”
  • Second, the website offers some vivid and engaging portraits of typical American teens and their relationship to new media technologies and practices.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • new media in terms of its opportunities
  • Young people’s lives are shown to be conducted across and through a range of different media platforms, rather than, say, identifying one kid as a gamer or another as a social networker. The technologies are shown as supporting a range of different social roles and relationships rather than necessarily directing young people to develop in predetermined directions.
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