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The0d0re Shatagin

Signing, Singing, Speaking: How Language Evolved : NPR - 5 views

    Article, Voice, and Transcript on the Origin of Language / Speech - emphasis on sign language and singing
Dana Huff

TwitVid - @alyankovic I like the ones that say "SLOW CHILDREN PLAYING". RT @alyankovic ... - 0 views

    Fun video of Weird Al Yankovic changing street sign with improper grammar.
Dana Huff

Trouble with Shakespeare? Try it on The iPad. « Shakespeare In Bits - Blog - 12 views

    If this is the future of studying a Shakespeare play, sign me up.
The0d0re Shatagin

A Visual Word Puzzle From Radiolab : NPR - 9 views

    Companion Visual Puzzle to NPR's story on the Origin of Language / Speech
Mark Smith

George Orwell - James Burnham and the Managerial Revolution - Essay - 0 views

  • Socialism, until recently, was supposed to connote political democracy, social equality and internationalism. There is not the smallest sign that any of these things is in a way to being established anywhere, and the one great country in which something described as a proletarian revolution once happened, i.e. the USSR, has moved steadily away from the old concept of a free and equal society aiming at universal human brotherhood. In an almost unbroken progress since the early days of the Revolution, liberty has been chipped away and representative institutions smothered, while inequalities have increased and nationalism and militarism have grown stronger. But at the same time, Burnham insists, there has been no tendency to return to capitalism. What is happening is simply the growth of "managerialism", which, according to Burnham, is in progress everywhere, though the manner in which it comes about may vary from country to country.
    • Mark Smith
      The misssing link between socialism (as it deforms and plays itself out) and managerialism, or "bureaucracy", as I might say, socialism's bastard son.
  • Burnham does not deny that "good" motives may operate in private life, but he maintains that politics consists of the struggle for power, and nothing else.
  • Lenin, indeed, is one of those politicians who win an undeserved reputation by dying prematurely.
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