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Dana Huff

How many words did Shakespeare know? - 4 views

    Statistical techniques can give us a good estimate of how many words Shakespeare knew based on how many he used.
suzain johan

How to Improve Your Questioning Skills In English - 9 views

    Questions how is the most important thing in speaking English. As most of the time your conversation begins with a question if it is necessary to improve it. Here are some tips to learn the techniques of interrogation:
Teresa Ilgunas

21st Century Literacies: Tools for Reading the World - 0 views

    Wow, this is a PRACTICAL guide to info literacy, from step by step on how to read a website, to how students report the info. FULL of information I can use in my classroom without having to reinvent the wheel myself!
Dennis OConnor

Jim Burke: Organizing Curriculum Around Big Questions - 12 views

  • Jim Burke shares how a question-driven classroom engages adolescents of the digital age inside schoo... How big questions engage and motivate students who have grown up digitally
    English teacher Jim Burke's short podcast on a big issue: How big questions engage and motivate students who have grown up digitally
Leslie Healey

Lesson Plan: Analyzing and Designing Book Apps for Works of Literature - - 16 views

    how reading changes on an iPAD or tablet. How could we being using this? when will my school get ereaders? Even I resist carrying my 4 pound book home.
Karen LaBonte

WebTools4u2use - Webtools4U2Use - 4 views

    The purpose of this website is to provide a place for K-12 school library media specialists to learn a little more about web tools that can be used to improve and enhance school library media programs and services, to see examples of how they can be used, and to share success stories and creative ideas about how to use and integrate them.
Victoria Keech

Teaching and technology ~ presentations and resources for educators - 15 views

    This is a handy 'how to' website for how to use lots of social networking tools
Nik Peachey

1 Week workshop: Easy Web 2.0 tools that you can use in your classroom - 14 views

    "Over the course of this event we will be looking at a small range of web based tools that will enable you to create motivating online language learning activities for your students. These can be used either in class or set as homework. You will have the chance to understand how these tools work, find out how to use them with students and be able to try your hand at creating and sharing activities with other teachers. By the end of the event you should have a small 'toolkit' of resources and ideas that will enable you to enhance your lessons though the effective and pedagogically sound use of technology."
Dana Huff

APA Style Blog: How Do I Cite a Kindle? - 3 views

    A new conundrum for researchers. How do you cite a book on a Kindle? This APA blog has some suggestions for APA style users.
Jenny Gilbert

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - 0 views

    "How should one react to a book that ostensibly seeks to inform while it so blatantly distorts? If it is meant as a way of understanding what actually happened -- and indeed for many students it will be the definitive and perhaps only Holocaust account to which they will be exposed -- how will its inaccuracies affect the way in which readers will remain oblivious to the most important moral message we are to discover in the holocaust's aftermath?"
    someone was looking at holocaust literature - this is interesting.
Dana Huff

Evolving English Teacher: "How to Forge a Jane Austen Manuscript": Teaching Students Au... - 13 views

    Glenda teaches us how to teach students to mimic one of the masters of prose-Jane Austen. Mimicry is often a great writing exercise for students who need to examine style.
Dana Huff

Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature - Home - 10 views

    This exhibition looks at the world from which Mary Shelley came, at how popular culture has embraced the Frankenstein story, and at how Shelley's creation continues to illuminate the blurred, uncertain boundaries of what we consider "acceptable" science.
Kristin Bergsagel

How To Do Things With Words : Learning Diversity - 4 views

  • the RRSG theory of reading comprehension is predominantly cognitive rather than cultural. It depicts the text as an encoded representation of a specific situation.
  • Making and having meaning, then, transcend cognition and involve a commitment to values and the pursuit of ideals.
  • These moral qualities are essential to human life, yet they seem to be completely redundant in the case of the aforementioned reader of “the cat is on the mat.”
  • ...14 more annotations...
  • Could it be that teachers who are allegedly so obstinately unfaithful to the received theory of reading comprehension do in fact apply it in their classrooms, but fail to achieve adequate outcomes because the theory fails to explain reading as a meaningful human activity?
  • the most authoritative theory of reading comprehension misleads her into performing a futile cognitive exercise.
  • namely, instruct students to read the text creatively by transforming it into a model for exploring ideas such as self-deception, hubris, or the unintended negative consequences of well-intended parenting.
  • it doesn’t address texts adequately as media of communication between purposeful, goal-oriented actors.
  • The meaning of a message, then, is its use by the interacting parties and is therefore always much more than a mental representation. When we treat words or statements as mere representations, we fail to communicate.
  • A theory that fails to enhance communication undermines education, because education is a special form of communication dedicated to the transmission of learning.
  • The words remain his rather than theirs, conveying facts about his dream rather than becoming resources useful to them. These readers have missed yet another opportunity to make sense of the history of their nation and of their own lives in relation to it.
  • hopeful vision coupled to a darker prophecy and a threatening message.
  • This reading, then, intertwines American political history with the history of literature in a way that renders the reader herself an active participant in their making.
  • creativity, diversity, and agency
  • Readers, we propose, ought to associate the meaning of the text with its use. The texts students typically read in school, more specifically, ought to be used for the purpose of exploring ideas. Reading for this purpose is necessarily a creative endeavor because it entails transforming the text into a model of inquiry into certain aspects of the reader’s life experiences.
  • In other words, because they use the text in diverse ways, its meaning varies accordingly.
  • What is at stake is nothing less than how students relate themselves to cultural achievements that have shaped the world in which they live and the society in which they gradually mature.
  • Conversely, education researchers in universities and other research institutes are often insufficiently familiar with how children learn at school, and therefore simply do not have an adequate understanding of the problems their research should solve
Mark Smith

How to Land Your Kid in Therapy - Magazine - The Atlantic - 8 views

    "college deans have reported receiving growing numbers of incoming freshmen they've dubbed "teacups" because they're so fragile that they break down anytime things don't go their way. "Well-intentioned parents have been metabolizing their anxiety for them their entire childhoods," Mogel said of these kids, "so they don't know how to deal with it when they grow up." "
    Agreed: I spend a significant portion of my "parent" time trying to convince HS parents that their child's grade is something the child and I can handle....
Melissa Tredenick

How Jackie Changed the World readers theater script - Mackowiecki Lewis | CurrClick - 0 views

shared by Melissa Tredenick on 24 Sep 09 - Cached
    This 20 minutes, 6 page play is $1 to purchase and get the rights to perform. "How Jackie Changed the World" about Jackie Robinson. Would be great for Martin Luther King Day or black history month. Ages 7-14 with enough parts for 8-13 actors.

'Teach Naked' Effort Strips Computers From Classrooms - Technology - The Chronicle of H... - 0 views

shared by anonymous on 23 Jul 09 - Cached
  • Here's the kicker, though: The biggest resistance to Mr. Bowen's ideas has come from students, some of whom have groused about taking a more active role during those 50-minute class periods.
  • Introduce issues of debate within the discipline and get the students to weigh in based on the knowledge they have from those lecture podcasts, Mr. Bowen says.
  • "Strangely enough, the people who are most resistant to this model are the students, who are used to being spoon-fed material that is going to be quote unquote on the test," says Mr. Heffernan. "Students have been socialized to view the educational process as essentially passive. The only way we're going to stop that is by radically refiguring the classroom in precisely the way José wants to do it."
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • "inverted classroom."
  • 'I paid for a college education and you're not going to lecture?'"
  • PowerPoint is not the problem. It is how PPt is used.
    • anonymous
      That's exactly the point. Of course we do need discussions in classrooms, but we also need to enable students to perform well in them, and here is where technology comes in: You can facilitate it in the learning process. - The headline of this article makes things far too easy...
    I like how Bowen is questioning the use of tech for tech's sake. This further shows how it's not about the technology, but about the teaching.
Stephen Davis

When to use i.e. in a sentence - The Oatmeal - 9 views

shared by Stephen Davis on 15 Aug 10 - Cached
    The Oatmeal has some great posters relevant for English teachers! I have the "How to Use a Semicolon" poster in my class!
    The Oatmeal has some great posters relevant for English teachers! I have the "How to Use a Semicolon" poster in my class!
Donalyn Miller

10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly - Do Your Job Better - The Chronicle of Higher Educa... - 18 views

    10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly
Dana Huff

EasyBib: How do I cite a book from the Kindle or another e-book reader? - 3 views

    EasyBib has recommendations for how to create Works Cited entries in MLA, APA, and CMS.
Dugg Lowe

Critical essay writing help - 0 views

    Keep in mind to restate the name and deviser of the assigned reading in the conclusion. Ultimate elements for your critical composition The critical essay is defined as didactic evaluation supported by convincing and professional evidential support. Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives
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