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Thanasis Priftis

Cowaboo story for "toxic twitter" - 1 views

    Related users: - Buy Twitter Followers Related articles: - Networked feminism feminism - Twitter usage usage
Théo Bondolfi

Cyprien - Twitter - YouTube - 2 views

    C'est quoi Twitter ? 5 tweets à éviter !
Thanasis Priftis

A Cowaboo story for"ethereum" - 0 views

    Related tags: - blockchain - crypto - smart+contracts Related bookmarks: - Home - - The ethereum blockchain explorer - Ethereum Launches Long-Awaited Decentralized App Network - Ethereum: what's about to happen - Google Docs - Ethereum: what's about to happen - Google Docs - Ethereum For Businesses And Entrepreneurs With William Mougayar - YouTube Related articles: - Ethereum - Vitalik Buterin - Smart contract - Block chain (database)
Thanasis Priftis

A Cowaboo story on "copyfraud" - 2 views

    Un copyfraud est une fausse déclaration de possession de droit d'auteur faite dans le but d'acquérir le contrôle d'une œuvre quelconque. La définition a été proposée en 2006 par Jason Mazzone, un professeur associé en droit à la Brooklyn Law School. Related bookmarks: - Twitter, le micro-plagiat et la physique quantique du copyright - Fêter le patrimoine, mais laisser disparaître le domaine public ? | :: S.I.Lex :: - L'inverse du piratage, c'est le copyfraud, et on n'en parle pas | Hotel Wikipedia | Rue89 Les blogs cest-le-copyfraud-et-personne-nen-parle Related articles: - Copyfraud More stories: - When it comes to censorship, WordPress has your back Automattic, WordPress's parent company, has a new transparency report that shows that they've bounced 43% of their 2015 copyright censorship demands for being frivolous or invalid.
Samuel Dixneuf

Le Web 2.0 est mort (et n'a jamais existé) » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism - 1 views

    Tout est dans l'usage...

Social Media Revolution - Vidéo en anglais - 3 views

    Voici un petit clip sur la révolution constituée par les réseaux sociaux.

NEXT Conference : Bruce Sterling - Fantasy prototypes and real disruption - 1 views

    Bruce Sterling is back this year. He has a remarkable ability to both celebrate dreams of the future - but also to challenge us with the problems he sees. That makes us more deeply consider what we are doing, why we are doing it - and the potential consequences of those decisions.

Jacques Vallée: The age of impossible, anticipating discontinuous futures - T... - 0 views

    Jacques Vallée, one of the co-creators of the Internet, explains how the acceleration of technology in an increasingly connected society is producing "impossible futures" that range from rapid collapse of major banks to the emergence of complex new forms of political power, with the Internet as both a tool and a victim. Quotes: [The KGB] arrested people at random, and brought them to their headquarters; they had one question for them: "who do you know? who do you talk to, and what do you talk about?" If somebody wanted to do that today, they would not need to arrest people, all they need to do is look at Facebook, Twitter, Google; we give this information everyday to the network and the superstructure above the web. [nb: slightly shortened and simplified] The connected world provides many examples of "Impossible" futures that create a dissonance between existing cultures or belief systems... and the sudden emergence of new facts. The impact cannot be ignored.
Phim cách nhiệt ô tô AKauto

Phim Cách Nhiệt Màu Đen: Sự Lựa Chọn Tối Ưu cho Xe Hơi của Bạn - 1 views

#bao_ve_xe_hoi #rieng_tu_xe_hoi #phim_cach_nhiet_xe_hoi #tia_UV #akauto #phim_cach_nhiet_mau_den #phim_cach_nhiet_o_to #dan_phim_cach_nhiet #phim_cach_nhiet #cac_loai_phim_cach_nhiet

started by Phim cách nhiệt ô tô AKauto on 24 Oct 23 no follow-up yet
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