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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Robert Alford

Robert Alford

Jump$tart Coalition - 16 views

    Website with Personal Financial Literacy curriculum for elementary and teens.
Robert Alford

The Atlantic Online | January/February 2010 | What Makes a Great Teacher? | Amanda Ripley - 82 views

  • embodies the most stunning finding to come out of education research in the past decade: more than any other variable in education—more than schools or curriculum—teachers matter.
  • Parents have always worried about where to send their children to school; but the school, statistically speaking, does not matter as much as which adult stands in front of their children. Teacher quality tends to vary more within schools—even supposedly good schools—than among schools
  • The results are specific and surprising. Things that you might think would help a new teacher achieve success in a poor school—like prior experience working in a low-income neighborhood—don’t seem to matter. Other things that may sound trifling—like a teacher’s extracurricular accomplishments in college—tend to predict greatness.
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  • Great teachers, he concluded, constantly reevaluate what they are doing.
  • What did predict success, interestingly, was a history of perseverance—not just an attitude, but a track record
  • Meanwhile, a master’s degree in education seems to have no impact on classroom effectiveness.
    What matters most GRIT!
Robert Alford

Home - public - Global Challenge Award - 5 views

    Global Challenge Award's mission is "to provide high school students worldwide, the tools and confidence to solve global problems together" We do this by providing students with "authentic project-based learning experience" working in small global teams to solve climate change issues.
Robert Alford

esu13pd2009 / Personal Learning Networks - 60 views

    Wiki - staff development on personal (professional) learning networks
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