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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Derrick C


Deforestation - 23 views

  •                 There are many reasons behind deforestation. The main reason that governments and companies destroy trees is to make more usable land. After the trees have been cut down, the area can be utilized for many ways. One of the major uses is to create farm land in order to feed more people. Another way that governments use this land is to make more houses. Usually deforestation occurs because of the growing population in developing countries and new homes need to be built on this land so that people can live comfortably.
    • Derrick C

Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts | - 44 views

    • Derrick C
      Paying failures money to continue failing.  Who's going to stop them?  You can!
  • no accountability
  • no oversight
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Federal Reserve
  • devalue the savings of Americans
    • Derrick C
      American dollar = Pesos and Rupees

Physics Science Fair Projects - 40 views

    • Derrick C
      Good and streamlined for introducing students to scientific method and making predictions.

Science Experiments Elementary - 61 views

  • Cooling Soda Cans
    • Derrick C
      science method chemistry hypothesis predictions observations data collection recording
  • Flowers In Water
    • Derrick C
      biology all scientific method steps application focus?
  • Frozen Candles
    • Derrick C
      highlight: hypothesis, prediction, observations, data collection, data recording
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  • Make a Battery From Fruit
    • Derrick C
      chemistry scientific method observation prediction hypothesis
  • Moth Balls Dance
    • Derrick C
      chemistry scientific method observations hypothesis application
  • Sense of Smell
    • Derrick C
      making observations asking questions

Inquiry Education - 39 views

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