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Michele Rosen

$10 Smartphone to digital microscope conversion! - 70 views

    A really easy setup and it COULD take great photos and videos.
Susan Glassett Farrelly

Bugscope: Home - 151 views

    Interactively control an $800,000 scanning electron microscope and use the build-in chat to send questions to scientists. Free.
Holly Barlaam

Virtual Microscope - 117 views

    An animation that teaches students how to use a compound light microscope. Includes slide samples like the basic letter "e", teaches how to adjust the ocular, the objectives, how to use coarse and fine adjustment, and so on. Really precursor to doing the real thing in class.
Adam Hildebrandt

Turn Your Cellphone Into a High-Powered Scientific Microscope | Wired Science | - 100 views

    Turn your cellphone into a high-powered scientific microscope:
Gerald Carey

Turn Your Cellphone Into a High-Powered Scientific Microscope | Wired Science | - 131 views

    This is actually in two parts. One shows how to build a reasonable microscope. The second (which seems a bit more fiddly) shows how to build a spectroscope. Minimal costs.
    It would be great to see a group evolve from this that shared the multitude of educational uses of cell phones.
Holly Barlaam

Virtual Microscope Measuring - 122 views

    Really cool online microscope that walks you through the different objective lens magnifications, shows you how to calculate field of view on different magnifications, and then has you use these skills to estimate the size of different specifmens on slides. Very neat.
Roland Gesthuizen

YouTube - Crabfu $5 iphone microscope mod - 35 views

    "how to adapt a tiny field microscope with an iPhone camera and iPad"
    Amazing technology hack, adapting a cheap microscope with an iPhone to create a scientific instrument :-)
Cindy Sheets

Bugscope: Home - 93 views

    send in your bugs and set up a time to see them on an electron microscope and discuss with scientists!
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