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Roland Gesthuizen

Fractals without a Computer! | Good Math, Bad Math - 32 views

  • We tend to think of fractals in computational terms, because in general we generate fractal images using digital computers. But you don’t need to. Fractals are actually fascinatingly ubiquitous, and you can produce them in lots of different ways – not just digitally.
    "In this video, what they've done is set up three screens, in a triangular pattern, and set them to display the input from a camera.. If you watch, they're able to manipulate it to get Julia fractals, Sierpinski triangles, and several other really famous fractals. "
    Fractals without a Computer
Melissa Wert

Benoit Mandelbrot - Telegraph - 17 views

  • Benoit Mandelbrot, who died on October 14 aged 85, was largely responsible for developing the discipline of fractal geometry – the study of rough or fragmented geometric shapes or processes that have similar properties at all levels of magnification or across all times.
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