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Animals - 6 views

    This is where you will use your sticky notes to choose an animal so that no other group may use it.
George Lieux

Webcams in the Classroom: Animal Inquiry and Observation - ReadWriteThink - 2 views

    • George Lieux
      Lesson Writer
Martin Burrett

Zoo Web Cam - 128 views

    This is a link to San Diego Zoo where you can view live video feeds of animals in their enclosures, including elephants and pandas.
Martin Burrett

Animal Tribe - 63 views

    An easy to use site aimed at young children and shows information and images of 15 different animals.
Roland Gesthuizen

A Science Fair Project on Hermit Crabs | - 31 views

    Many school age children use hermit crabs in science fair projects for a biology-based exhibit. Most projects require a few weeks of research before the actual fair, since crabs move slowly and need to be observed over a period of time before significant change happens
Martin Burrett

Label the Cells - 85 views

    A whiteboard resources for labelling to major parts of an animal and plant cell.
N Carroll

Amazing Animal Webcams - 75 views

    Wonderful resource filled with all kinds of Animal Cam sites.
Holly Barlaam

The Shape of Life - 70 views

    Cool site from PBS offering information on the different animal phyla. Also has activities and videos.
Eric Esterline

Animal Jam - 58 views

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