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Gary Brown

Official Reuven Carlyle Blog - 5 views

  • The institutional establishment has too much control over higher education. There is a profound disconnect, in my view, between those who benefit and need access to opportunity in higher education and those who run the show
  • Is a tenured professor or subject matter expert with credentials—as defined by some distant institutions or organization—really the very best person to teach? Perhaps but only if they have the soul of a teacher!
  • As a general rule the institutions of higher education hold firm, despite our rhetoric, to rigid models of teaching and learning. Radical, disruptive debate about systems change is great in theory, tough in reality when you have to live and die by the marketplace of ideas.
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  • Which means the day is coming—sooner than many people think—when a great deal of money is going to abruptly melt out of the higher education system, just as it has in scores of other industries that traffic in information that is now far cheaper and more easily accessible than it has ever been before. Much of that money will end up in the pockets of students in the form of lower prices, a boon and a necessity in a time when higher education is the key to prosperity. Colleges will specialize where they have comparative advantage, rather than trying to be all things to all people.”
  • Instructors with the spirit of education inside of them drive our learning
  • What would your life be like if you went from high school into a customized, personalized, targeted program of learning—from the fancy UW programs to a welding shop anywhere—that was right for you as an individual?
  • I don’t know the answers anymore than anyone else. But I feel we have hit a tipping point where the pain and cost to our society and our future of not asking these questions has become too high
    I blog to watch--and to comment upon
    Thanks for your summary. From Nils' posts, I knew about the blog but your excerpts and recommendation lead me to see it in a new light.
Joshua Yeidel

EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning Challenges '09 - Debate the list, join the community and... - 0 views

    Ning network for the EDUCause T&L Challenges project. Everything but the wiki...
Joshua Yeidel

TLChallenges09 | EDUCAUSE CONNECT - 0 views

    After four months of spirited discussion, the EDUCAUSE teaching and learning community has voted on the, "Top Teaching and Learning Challenges, 2009." The final list for 2009, ranked by popularity, includes (click on individual Challenges to visit their wiki page): 1. Creating learning environments that promote active learning, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation. 2. Developing 21st-century literacies among students and faculty (information, digital, and visual). 3. Reaching and engaging today's learner. 4. Encouraging faculty adoption and innovation in teaching and learning with IT. 5. Advancing innovation in teaching and learning (with technology) in an era of budget cuts.
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