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Marina Klitsi

PERIPHERIA: Smart Peripheral Cities for Sustainable Lifestyles - 1 views

The objective of PERIPHÈRIA is to deploy convergent Future Internet (FI) platforms and services for the promotion of sustainable lifestyles in and across emergent networks...

Smart city web2.0 Open service convergence platform

started by Marina Klitsi on 02 May 12 no follow-up yet
Igor Mayer

Play the City - Play the City - 0 views

    We help cities, housing corporations and cultural organizations make interactive and collaborative plans with multiple stakeholders.
    Nice example of how games can be used for urban planning.
David Price

Connected Commuting - The New Cities Foundation - 0 views

    A detailed case study of commuting and social networks in San Jose, which suggests that sentiment analysis has the potential to help cities and local transportation authorities define their priorities, planning, investments and assess the impact of infrastructure investments.

Pedestrian Monitoring Visualization in Melbourne - 0 views

    How many pedestrians are present in the city? How do the behave over time? Good policy modeling requires accurate data.

CityDashboard: London - 1 views

    Aggregation of as many city-related time-varying data sources as currently possible.
david osimo - 0 views

shared by david osimo on 08 May 13 - No Cached
    " Generate sales leads Campaign participants are high-conversion leads (potential customers) whom you can follow up with via emails. Receive customer insights Learn about the segments supporting each idea, including information about age, gender, education, occupation, city and interests Erdem Ovacik, Direktor Tine Wedell, Project Manager Cengiz Bayram, Technical Lead We serve clients internationally We are based in Copenhagen, and serve clients in Europe and abroad. Wedecide already support 6 languages. Wedecide platform is a Facebook application, where you ask specific questions to your audience, ans support your question with a video or slideshow.  Users develop ideas together and win points for being part of successful ideas. All of this is integrated with Facebook and Twitter with a slick UI.  Click here to check out the platform. "Using Wedecide, we engaged hundreds of Europeans to debate energy efficiency policies which resulted in dozens of valuable policy ideas. With this innovative method, we greatly improved the collaboration of our audience on policy proposals of the ALDE Party." Didrik de Schaetzen, Communications Director, ALDE Party Read our blog Call us: +45 26 37 29 96 Mail us: erdem [at] CVR: 33268394 "
Francesco Mureddu

EpiSimS: Epidemic Simulation System: Tools: NISAC: LANL - 0 views

    EpiSimS is a stochastic, agent-based simulation engine that models the spread of disease in regions, allowing for the assessment of disease prevention, intervention, and response strategies. EpiSimS explicitly represents the daily movements and interactions of synthetic individuals in a city or region, including their interactions with others. It is used as an experimental test bed for analyzing the consequences, feasibility, and effectiveness of response options to disease outbreaks.
Athens Technology

Five observations and five quotes from Open Data Cities: - 1 views

Open government data - simple venn diagram - by justgrimes on flickr, available on CC licence.

crossoverproject; opendata; opendatacities;

started by Athens Technology on 28 May 12 no follow-up yet
Igor Mayer - 1 views

    Based upon Yuval Portugali's work on complexity theory of the city.
Eva Jaho

EU embraces smart cities - 1 views

smartcities crossoverproject

started by Eva Jaho on 12 Jul 12 no follow-up yet
Alberto Cottica

About - Citizinvestor - 1 views

    A sort of Kickstarter for (American) municipalities.  Dazzling philosophical implications ("dollar democracy!" "Hello, it's one dollar one vote already, this just reduces the threshold to join in the game") 
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