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  • scenario planning, social simulation, role playing, red teaming, crowd sourcing, collective intelligence, sensemaking and experiential learning,
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    Generate sales leads

    Campaign participants are high-conversion leads (potential customers) whom you can follow up with via emails.
    Receive customer insights

    Learn about the segments supporting each idea, including information about age, gender, education, occupation, city and interests

    Erdem Ovacik, Direktor
    Tine Wedell, Project Manager
    Cengiz Bayram, Technical Lead
    We serve clients internationally

    We are based in Copenhagen, and serve clients in Europe and abroad. Wedecide already support 6 languages.
    Wedecide platform is a Facebook application, where you ask specific questions to your audience, ans support your question with a video or slideshow. 

    Users develop ideas together and win points for being part of successful ideas. All of this is integrated with Facebook and Twitter with a slick UI. 

    Click here to check out the platform.

    "Using Wedecide, we engaged hundreds of Europeans to debate energy efficiency policies which resulted in dozens of valuable policy ideas. With this innovative method, we greatly improved the collaboration of our audience on policy proposals of the ALDE Party."
    Didrik de Schaetzen, Communications Director, ALDE Party

    Read our blog

    Call us: +45 26 37 29 96

    Mail us: erdem [at]

    CVR: 33268394
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