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Igor Mayer

Key Innovations in Public Policy - 0 views

    "LEADERSNew technologies are helping to connect governments and change agents from across sectors,and putting new frontiers within reach of traditional institutions. In this section, we provide an over-view of four such frontiers: social innovation, online gaming for the public good, crowdsourcing (and crowdfunding), and Gov2.0.A. SOCIAL INNOVATION nologies, and to problem-solving more generally, areSocial innovation at its core is the successful implementa-tion of new ideas that meet social needs.46"
Alberto Cottica

About - Citizinvestor - 1 views

    A sort of Kickstarter for (American) municipalities.  Dazzling philosophical implications ("dollar democracy!" "Hello, it's one dollar one vote already, this just reduces the threshold to join in the game") 
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