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Grace Wilson

European Union accuses Google of market abuse - 2 views

    As stated by Corliss Tech Review Group, a malware is a type of software that is specifically created to gain access or damage user's sensitive data.

    Android has long been seen as vulnerable to malware because it is an open platform and several devices run older versions of the mobile operating system. Android is also one of the world's most popular mobile platform where it powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries worldwide, but its popularity has also made it a magnet for malwares based on Corliss Tech Review Group.
    European Union has formally charged Google of abusing its dominant position on the internet search market.

    According to a Corliss Tech Review Group report, Google has used its gigantic power as a search engine to redirect internet users from rivals to its own services, which include YouTube and its own social network Google+.

    Expedia, Microsoft, and TripAdvisor, which are Google's competitors, declare that its way of promoting its own companies above rivals on its search engine stops them from contending on a level playing field.

    Insiders claim the case could prove just as costly as the EU's decade-long battle with Microsoft, which ultimately cost the company £1.6 billion in fines.

    If Google fails to rebut any formal charges imposed by Brussels, the commission could impose a huge fine which could exceed £4 billion which is about 10% of Google's most recent annual revenue.
Queeniey Corliss

The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review - Us Regulator To Impose New Cyber Security Standa... - 1 views

shared by Queeniey Corliss on 14 Apr 15 - No Cached
    A new report highlighting deficiencies in US banks' oversight of suppliers' cyber security should serve to remind financial services companies in Europe of the due diligence they need to undertake, an expert has said.

The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review on Bitdefender Total Security 2015 - 1 views

    Regarded as one of the best technical Windows internet security suites for PC and laptop, and Total Security 2015 lives up to that rep.

    Bitdefender is widely regarded as one of the best technical Windows internet security suites. Its Total Security product offers a very good range of the features you rightly expect in a security suite. The 2015 version aims to make life even easier for customers by introducing Profiles, which adapt the software for particular tasks, like playing games, watching movies or general office work. Also see: Best internet security software 2014.

    After installation, you're presented with a very Windows 8-looking tiled interface. Rather than having a lot of tiles slide awkwardly through the Bitdefender window, as in the 2014 version, here there are three large tiles and four subsidiary ones, giving quick and easy access to all the program's key functions.

    The modules provided by Bitdefender Total Security 2015 cover AV, anti-malware and anti-spam, tune-up, online banking protection, a 2-way firewall, parental control, online backup and anti-theft provision.

    Online backup, which Bitdefender Total Security 2015 refers to as Safebox, is handled from the My Bitdefender online site, which is unusual - it's more usually set up and managed locally.
Queeniey Corliss

The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review: Logitech K480 Keyboard Works with Anything You Own - 1 views

    It's a truth as universal as it is annoying; if you want all your devices to work with a specific keyboard, well, you'll probably need either one for each, sign on for precisely one device ecosystem, or get used to swiping in words. Travelers in particular are driven insane by this problem, so Logitech decided, quite cleverly, to solve it with the K480.

    Swiss Army Keyboard

    There are two problems with modern portable keyboards. The first is, as we noted, device compatibility. Ask anybody who's had to install drivers just to get a basic keyboard to work, the various device ecosystems out there don't play well with each other and seemingly want to drive you insane.

    Logitech solves this with some clever design. You can switch between three different places to send your words, so that regardless of whether you're all Apple, or a mix of Apple, Chrome, and Windows, you'll be able to use the keyboard and get the point across. Basically, if it uses Bluetooth, you're all set to type.

    At The Trough

    The second problem is keeping all your stuff organized; you've got your phone over here, your tablet over there, and your laptop in front of you… and many keyboards want to be docked solely at your tablet. How does Logitech solve this? Simple: It puts a trough at the top of the keyboard that can easily be used to stand up both your tablet and your phone, and to type away at both of them with ease.

    A Keyboard For The Multitasker

    Multitasking, or at least sorting through your various tasks properly, can be a profoundly annoying experience, and Logitech deserves credit for looking at how we actually use our gadgets and creating a keyboard that fits in with them. If that's something you need, it starts at just $50.

The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review on How Anqor Gets You Online - 1 views

    Always Online

    The Anqor itself is fairly straightforward, as a device. It's about the size of a novelty paperback you get as a gift, and relatively light, although that's just the prototype; the end goal device is roughly the size of an iPhone. And it works relatively simply, as well; it connects to a 3G or 4G network in the area you're in, connects to up to ten of the devices you have handy, and we're off to the races. It's how it connects that's more interesting.

    SIMulated Card

    As we all know, to access a local mobile network, you need a SIM card, which is profoundly annoying. What the Anqor does is determine where you are, riffle through the company's library of SIM cards, upload the profile, and you're done. The tradeoff, of course, is that this doesn't come cheap. Global travelers looking for this convenience will be paying roughly $52 a month for the library, although you can pause a subscription at any time, and for just one country, it'll be a more reasonable $16 a month.

    Online Anywhere

    If you're a world traveler, you know from experience that you'll be running around juggling SIM cards anyway, so you may as well clean some of the clutter out of your life. And, if you never leave the country but your job requires constant Internet access, this might be worth it as well. The device, without data plan, will start at around $270 if you get in early on the Kickstarter.
Franchezca Mindaine

The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review: New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful - 1 views

    The way we navigate in cities has been revolutionized in the last few years by the advent of GPS mapping programs. Enter your start and end location and these will give you the shortest route from A to B.

    That's usually the best bet when driving, but walking is a different matter. Often, pedestrians want the quietest route or the most beautiful but if they turn to a mapping application, they'll get little help.

    That could change now thanks to the work of Daniele Quercia at Yahoo Labs in Barcelona, Spain, and a couple of pals. These guys have worked out how to measure the "beauty" of specific locations within cities and then designed an algorithm that automatically chooses a route between two locations in a way that maximizes the beauty along it. "The goal of this work is to automatically suggest routes that are not only short but also emotionally pleasant," they say.

    Quercia and co begin by creating a database of images of various parts of the center of London taken from Google Street View and Geograph, both of which have reasonably consistent standards of images. They then crowdsourced opinions about the beauty of each location using a website called

    Each visitor to UrbanGems sees two photographs and chooses the one which shows the more beautiful location. That gives the team a crowdsourced opinion about the beauty of each location. They then plot each of these locations and their beauty score on a map which they use to provide directions.

    The idea here is that the user enters a start and end location and an algorithm then finds the most beautiful route, rather than the shortest one. It does this by searching through every possible route, adding the beauty scores for each and choosing the one that ranks highest.
Queeniey Corliss

The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review: UK Businesses Ignoring Consumer Demand for Mobile... - 1 views

    Mastercard warns: invest or face economic consequences.

    Many UK businesses are struggling to expand and develop to their full potential due to a lack of proper investment into new technologies such as alternative payment methods, a senior Mastercard executive has told CBR.

    Marcia Clay, the groups' UK and Ireland head of strategy and commercial development, explained that UK consumers are increasingly calling for innovative technologies such as mobile payments as they look to simplify their everyday lives.

    "I believe we need to prioritise support for innovative start-ups, businesses in the eCommerce and mobile payments sector for example, which are in a unique position to propel the UK economy forward in 2014 and beyond," she said.

    Clay detailed how Mastercard is working with London-based Startupbootcamp FinTech, providing the expertise, mentoring and access to a network of industry professionals that most early-stage FinTech start-ups would not be able to access otherwise.

    Mastercard has found that many small businesses still do not use electronic payments, despite almost 80% of UK businesses having a website or some sort of online presence. A much smaller percentage can currently accept card payments, and the company believes that businesses of all sizes should be encouraged to invest in new technology and services that give consumers more choice.

    The company also found that UK consumers are using mobile and contactless payment methods and wide-spread adoption is reaching a critical mass; with around 5.7m transactions taking place on UK smartphones every day. This has been spurred on by a major growth in contactless payments, which grew by 383% from 2012 to 2013 across the country a
Queeniey Corliss

Old tech is new darling of equity income investors - 1 views


    Technology stocks have never been the best friend of the equity income investor. Until the financial crisis struck in 2008, the yield on the MSCI Global Technology index remained resolutely below 1 per cent, with many tech companies simply not having the free cash flows to pay meaningful dividends. Those that did generally preferred to splurge on acquisitions as they chased market share in a frenetic land grab.

    And even after the global stock market sell-off briefly pushed yields above 2 per cent in late 2008 and early 2009, they sank back to little over 1 per cent in 2010.

    However, yields have since climbed back above 1.5 per cent and some equity income fund managers, at least, are starting to take note.

    "Traditionally, technology companies never really paid dividends, so we were unable to make investments, resulting in us being structurally underweight technology for a long time," says Nick Clay, co-manager of the £4bn Newton Global Higher Income fund.

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group
Queeniey Corliss

Innovation and technology vital to Hong Kong's future competitiveness and productivity - 1 views

    On April 16, IT sector lawmaker Charles Mok was the mover of a joint statement backing the setting up of an innovation and technology bureau and urging fellow legislators not to mount a filibuster during the debate on this issue.

    A filibuster is characterised as a form of obstruction in a legislature. It is a strategy employed by minority representatives to give them some leverage in defence of their constituents' interests. Executed shrewdly, it can be a David and Goliath tactic that can be successful.

    Hong Kong has been criticised for lagging behind its rivals in cultivating a new sustainable economy. The performance of its economy over the last decade has been unimpressive. In real terms, average personal incomes have seen little or no growth, meaning Hongkongers' lives have not improved.

    Also, Hong Kong's increasing economic reliance on mainland China is a cause for concern. If the SAR's free economy is homogenised with the mainland's towering planned macroeconomics, there could be unforeseen and dangerous consequences.

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group
Queeniey Corliss

What You Want, When You Want It: How 3D Printing Appeals to the Everyday Consumer - 1 views

    3D printing continues to be a global spectacle in 2014, making appearances from Las Vegas during International CES and Barcelona during Mobile World Congress. With the 3D printing industry predicted to reach $10.8 billion by 2021, many are asking how it will change the future of the consumer landscape, much like MP3 players and iPods transformed the music industry. While the answers may not be obvious, there are a number of ways 3D printing will impact the daily lives of consumers in years to come.

    Opening the door to customization
    A major appeal to everyday consumers is how 3D printing opens the entryway to customization. From custom jewelry to food, the possibilities when using a 3D printer are endless. As 3D printers become more accessible over time, so will the ability to print items that are extremely personalized and tailored to each user. If we think about most of the products we buy, they are commoditized in some way for the average person; jeans are a certain length and cabinet handles come in standardized sizes. 3D printing allows consumers to create items exactly the way they need or want them - ultimately, letting customers set their own parameters. Companies like Nokia and New Balance, for example, have taken to the 3D printing trend and now offer online services where consumers can customize their own 3D printed cell phone case or sneakers, respectively.

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group
Queeniey Corliss

A Smart Way to Replace Your Samsung Galaxy S4 With New Galaxy S5 - 0 views

    If you are a gadget enthusiast and aching to have your hands on Galaxy S5 or you just cannot since you have your Galaxy S4 from the previous year, you have a way to work it out. Consider trading your device with your carrier for a credit to your new phone. To get the most of your device, you can sell your phone, which you have lots of options.

    Here are some of them:

    EBay provides you a marketplace for your items where predictability is less. Auctions can give you more or less earnings. Posting and managing items for sale are quite tedious until eBay introduced My Gadgets which will help you create a listing. You may list what you own and My Gadget will tell you how you can make based on eBay price trends if you sell it. EBay may not be the best choice for making more money with regard to selling your handsets. But it is usually a site where you can locate items which are extremely low or high demand or those which are difficult to find.

    Amazon is one of the most convenient ways to sell your old phone with some drawbacks. Find your device on Amazon, click the "Sell on Amazon" button and provide details.

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group
Queeniey Corliss

Foxconn Sells Communications Technology Patents to Google - 1 views

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group--Foxconn, which assembles gadgets for companies such as Apple Inc., said it has sold a number of its communications technology patents to Google Inc. for an undisclosed sum.

    Taiwan-based Foxconn, officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., made a name for itself in contract manufacturing by making Apple's iPhones and Sony's PlayStation game consoles. But few know the electronics manufacturer has been developing new technologies and has a sizable patent portfolio. In a statement, the company said it has applied for 128,400 patents and has been granted more than 64,300 patents world-wide.

    In the highly competitive technology industry, companies are challenging each other to set industry standards, which has led to a few patent cases.

    Google, which is battling with Apple for mobile dominance, has continued to strengthen its patent portfolio through acquisitions. The Internet giant's purchase of Motorola Mobility in 2011 gave it a formidable patent portfolio, and protected its Android mobile operating system and partners from legal threat from competitors, including Apple and Microsoft Corp.

    Foxconn, which also sold some head-mounted display technology patents to Google for an unspecified amount last year, was one of the top 20 U.S. patent owners in 2013, according to Manhattan-based patent advisory company Envision IP.

Queeniey Corliss

Corliss Group Tech Review: Dating App Tinder Infected by Dangerous Bots - 1 views

    Swipe right, chat to a fake user and your personal data could be stolen.

    A series of bots have invaded dating app Tinder and are spreading dangerous downloads after luring users with tempting profiles and pictures, an antivirus developer has discovered.

    Bitdefender Labs is currently investigating both the Android application and the bots that seem to have stolen pictures from an Arizona-based photography studio. Some of these images are also being used for fake Facebook profiles.

    Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist at Bitdefender, said: "After users swipe the right button on Tinder to indicate that they like a profile, the bots engage users in automated conversations until they convince them to click on a dubious link.

    "The name of the URL gives the impression of an official page of the dating app and for extra legitimacy scammers also registered it on a reputable .com domain."

    Bitdefender warns users to be aware of this risk, and advises that a typical bot message reads: "Hey, how are you doing? I'm still recovering from last night? Relaxing with a game on my phone, castle clash. Have you heard about it? Play with me and you may get my phone number."
Queeniey Corliss

Corliss Group Tech Review on which is better: AVG vs. Avast? - 1 views

    Protecting yourself against harmful and life threatening viruses, its best to choose the antivirus by brand name. But each Antivirus download that you can find on the internet is dependent on what is most important to the user in terms of variables. Some are more dedicated to filtering through malware and spyware; some systems pride themselves on being the most reliable, or adaptable to the constant change of cyberspace gunk that's floating around. So with all these choices, how're we supposed to know which program is suited to our professional needs?

    We hope to address those concerns and point the potential onlooker in the right direction for a potential download, or perhaps full-on purchase of the bundled software. For the moment we'll be looking at Avast! and AVG which are both free antivirus downloads available for your computer on reliable online websites.

    Avast! Free Antivirus Software: The Basics

    Chances are if you're looking to get in on the ground floor to check if Avast! is right for you, then you'll be looking into the coverage that the free antivirus download is going to offer. Avast! is ranked as one of the top antivirus programs in the market with 17% of users in the entire market share of protection services. Which is pretty far up there with McAfee, Bitdefender, and other potential competition.

    AVG Antivirus Software: The Basics

    In comparison to Avast! the folks at AVG are a little behind in their numbers at 170 million+ having entrusted their computer's health to the program. But the software itself is secure and accessible on their website. AVG have won an array of awards for their antivirus software, and can be considered a lively competitor to Avast! and other protection bundles.
Queeniey Corliss

5 File Sharing Dangers by the Corliss Group Tech Review - 1 views

    Sharing files with colleagues and clients should be easy and convenient. What it shouldn't be is a security risk - but it frequently is. Because many small businesses don't have the right file-sharing systems and policies, many turn to unsafe practices that often put both their business's and clients' privacy in jeopardy.

    Is your business guilty of engaging in dangerous file sharing habits? Here are five you need to watch out for and what you can do about them.

    1. Sharing files via email

    The most obvious dangerous habit is sharing files via email. Just the other day I received a design document from a client as an email attachment.

    2. Using consumer-grade cloud solutions

    Workers around the world are putting themselves and their employers at risk by indiscriminately using unauthorized file sharing services on their mobile and desktop devices - to the tune of $2 billion. With more workers joining the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) revolution and turning to insecure file sharing services like personal Dropbox and Google Drive accounts, the threat is greater than ever.

    3. Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing

    P2P sharing is a great technology used to share data over peer networks. It's also great software to get hacked.

    4. Using flash drives

    Flash drives are the easy tool of choice for infection since they bypass network security. If an infected file is on a flash drive and inserted into a system, it can start an infection spread from the PC.

    5. Lack of visibility

    The danger starts when employees take matters into their own hands and engage a file sharing service on their own. The individual making a one-off decision is not going to be thinking of the bigger picture of organization-wide requirements.
Queeniey Corliss

Corliss Group Tech Review on 6 iPhone/iPad Apps You Need Now - 1 views

    Welcome to Gadget Review's new weekly app review column. We are starting out with iOS apps only, but in the future we will extend to other OSS ecosystems. If you have an app to recommend, please do so in the comments or via our social media channels.

    1. Mynd

    Calendar apps have come and gone, and nothing has yet replaced the tried and true calendars from Google, Apple and Microsoft. Enter Mynd, an "intelligent mobile calendar" from Alminder Inc. This, loyal readers, is the game changer.

    2. FTL: Faster Than Light

    Though more and more people are playing games on their iOS devices, most of those games are pretty basic and, for self-identifying gamers, extremely boring. If you've been looking for a real-deal game to sink your thumbs into, buckle up for Faster Than Light.

    3. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

    In my humble opinion, the worst part of the day is setting an alarm for the next morning. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore, thanks to Sleep Cycle, an intelligent alarm clock from Northcube AB.

    4. Data Count

    In an era of data caps, we could all use a tool to help us avoid the additional charges that accompany all those streaming overages. Data Count, from Creo, is just the ticket.

    5. Monument Valley

    Sometimes, apps transcend ones and zeros. They usher in a new way of life, perhaps, or offer a major social improvement. And, in rare cases, they become true art.

    6. Pinnacle Studio for iPhone

    Heres one for the pros. Or anyone who takes a lot of photos. Which is just about everyone with an iPhone.
Queeniey Corliss

Windows Phone 8.1 Corliss Group Tech Review - 1 views

    Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Each of these mobile platforms had to start somewhere, and none were anywhere near perfect on the first try. Fortunately, each OS gets better with every iteration until, at some point, it all just clicks. Arguably, Windows Phone just came of age with its latest update, version 8.1.

    Even before today, Windows Phone only had a few big holes remaining and indeed, 8.1 appears to fill those gaps. In particular, the OS now has a fancy notification center in addition to those signature Live Tiles; the keyboard now allows for swipe gestures; and last but not least, it now has Cortana, a virtual assistant to take on Siri, Google Now and Samsung S Voice. The 8.1 update is a fairly significant one, and I got the opportunity to take it for a spin ahead of the official developer preview's launch. It may not be perfect yet, but it's clear Windows Phone has finally grown up.


    Windows Phone included a search option from the beginning, and though it was useful at the time, rivals like Siri, S Voice and Google Now have quickly turned the tide, rendering Microsoft first "voice assistant" completely obsolete. Thankfully, the 8.1 update introduces a personal assistant named Cortana to help bring Windows Phone into the modern era.

    Named after Master Chiefs trusty AI sidekick in Halo, Cortana is designed to help you do whatever you do on a phone. Think: scheduling appointments, alerting you to upcoming flights, telling you the weather, offering up directions, dictating messages, opening apps and adjusting settings. She even tells jokes and responds in humorous ways to (most) silly questions. Those are all givens these days, so let's instead move on to the more unusual things she can do.
Queeniey Corliss

Corliss Group Tech Review: Is Google Chromecast worth its low price? - 1 views

    It weighs just 34 grams, is 72 x 35 x 12 mm in size, and costs only the $39: The Google Chromecast looks and feels like a USB flash drive with a glandular problem.

    Cheap, easy to set up and even easier to use, there's really nothing to dislike about the Google streaming device, except for one thing: Canadian content (which we will get to in a moment).

    The Chromecast is so small that once it's plugged into an HDMI port in the back of a television set, there's almost no indication that it's a part of your home theatre setup. Only its power cord, which can either be plugged into a wall socket or available USB port, gives a hint that it's even there. Unlike other streaming media devices like the Apple TV or Roku 3, Google Chromecast doesn't come with a remote control, or in fact, any onboard applications or content. Everything, from setting up the device to watching a video from your personal media collection or browsing YouTube, is done through the use of apps on an Android phone or tablet, iOS device or via Google Chrome browser on a Chrome OS, Windows or Mac PC.

    No matter which device you use with the Chromecast, setup is a cinch. Simply power the device, plug it into an available television HDMI port and follow the Chromecast's onscreen prompts. The device will walk you through the process of connecting it to a Wi-Fi network, pairing with your choice of source device and downloading any available firmware updates. Even with the lousy Internet speeds I suffered while testing the hardware in rural southwestern Ontario I was setup and ready to start streaming content to my Chromecast in under 10 minutes.

Guest Post Online - 0 views

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Enzo Brocato

How a Database of the World's Knowledge Shapes Google's Future - 1 views


    Compiling a giant database of all the facts in the world could help Google's future products understand you better.

    For all its success, Google's famous Page Rank algorithm has never understood a word of the billions of Web pages it has directed people to over the years. That's why in 2010 Google acquired Metaweb, a company building a database intended to give computers the ability to understand the world. Two years later the company's technology resurfaced as the Knowledge Graph (see "Corliss Tech Review Group:"). John Giannandrea, vice president of engineering at Google and a Metaweb cofounder, says that will lead to Google's future products being able to truly understand the people who use them and the things they care about. He told MIT Technology Review's Tom Simonite how a data store designed to link together all the knowledge on Earth might do that.

    What is the Knowledge Graph?

    It's a distillation of what Google knows about the world. An analogy I often use is maps. For a maps product you have to build a database of the real world and know there are things called streets, rivers, and countries in the physical world. That's creating a symbolic structure for the physical world; the Knowledge Graph does that for the world of ideas and common sense. We have entities in the knowledge graph for foods, recipes, products, ideas in philosophy or history, and famous people. We can have relationships between them, so we can say these two people are married or this place is in this country or we can say this movie is related to this person.

    How does that make a difference to Google's Web search?

    We've gone up a level from just talking about the words to talking about what the thing actually is. In crawling and indexing documents we can now have an understanding of what the document is about. If the docum
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