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The Corliss Group: White House Cybersecurity Event to Draw Top Tech, Wall Street Execs - 1 views

Government to Call on Companies to Help Improve Information Sharing as Breaches Get More Sophisticated President Barack Obama will convene top executives from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and a nu...

The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review White House Cybersecurity Event to Draw Top Wall Street Execs

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The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review on Neuroscientists Object to Europe's Human Brain ... - 1 views

More than 180 neuroscientists have signed an open letter to the European Commission calling on it to reconsider the technical goals and oversight of one of the world's largest brain-mapping project...

Neuroscientists Object to Europe's Human Brain Project The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review

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Queeniey Corliss

Corliss Tech Review Group: Robocoin ATMs will send bitcoins to phone numbers - 1 views

Robocoin Bank users will be able to send bitcoin to phone numbers around the world Leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturer Robocoin is upgrading its network of machines with bank-style features, includin...

Robocoin ATMs will send bitcoins to phone numbers Corliss Tech Review Group

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Queeniey Corliss

Corliss Tech Review Group: 3G to reduce fraud, leakage in financial sector - 1 views

LAHORE-The 3G technology, besides helping increase the GDP of Pakistan, encouraging infrastructure investments, will also help reducing fraud and economic leakage in financial sector and improve fa...

3G to reduce fraud leakage in financial sector Corliss Tech Review Group

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Queeniey Corliss

Innovation and technology vital to Hong Kong's future competitiveness and productivity - 1 views

    On April 16, IT sector lawmaker Charles Mok was the mover of a joint statement backing the setting up of an innovation and technology bureau and urging fellow legislators not to mount a filibuster during the debate on this issue.

    A filibuster is characterised as a form of obstruction in a legislature. It is a strategy employed by minority representatives to give them some leverage in defence of their constituents' interests. Executed shrewdly, it can be a David and Goliath tactic that can be successful.

    Hong Kong has been criticised for lagging behind its rivals in cultivating a new sustainable economy. The performance of its economy over the last decade has been unimpressive. In real terms, average personal incomes have seen little or no growth, meaning Hongkongers' lives have not improved.

    Also, Hong Kong's increasing economic reliance on mainland China is a cause for concern. If the SAR's free economy is homogenised with the mainland's towering planned macroeconomics, there could be unforeseen and dangerous consequences.

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group
Queeniey Corliss

What You Want, When You Want It: How 3D Printing Appeals to the Everyday Consumer - 1 views

    3D printing continues to be a global spectacle in 2014, making appearances from Las Vegas during International CES and Barcelona during Mobile World Congress. With the 3D printing industry predicted to reach $10.8 billion by 2021, many are asking how it will change the future of the consumer landscape, much like MP3 players and iPods transformed the music industry. While the answers may not be obvious, there are a number of ways 3D printing will impact the daily lives of consumers in years to come.

    Opening the door to customization
    A major appeal to everyday consumers is how 3D printing opens the entryway to customization. From custom jewelry to food, the possibilities when using a 3D printer are endless. As 3D printers become more accessible over time, so will the ability to print items that are extremely personalized and tailored to each user. If we think about most of the products we buy, they are commoditized in some way for the average person; jeans are a certain length and cabinet handles come in standardized sizes. 3D printing allows consumers to create items exactly the way they need or want them - ultimately, letting customers set their own parameters. Companies like Nokia and New Balance, for example, have taken to the 3D printing trend and now offer online services where consumers can customize their own 3D printed cell phone case or sneakers, respectively.

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group
Queeniey Corliss

A Smart Way to Replace Your Samsung Galaxy S4 With New Galaxy S5 - 0 views

    If you are a gadget enthusiast and aching to have your hands on Galaxy S5 or you just cannot since you have your Galaxy S4 from the previous year, you have a way to work it out. Consider trading your device with your carrier for a credit to your new phone. To get the most of your device, you can sell your phone, which you have lots of options.

    Here are some of them:

    EBay provides you a marketplace for your items where predictability is less. Auctions can give you more or less earnings. Posting and managing items for sale are quite tedious until eBay introduced My Gadgets which will help you create a listing. You may list what you own and My Gadget will tell you how you can make based on eBay price trends if you sell it. EBay may not be the best choice for making more money with regard to selling your handsets. But it is usually a site where you can locate items which are extremely low or high demand or those which are difficult to find.

    Amazon is one of the most convenient ways to sell your old phone with some drawbacks. Find your device on Amazon, click the "Sell on Amazon" button and provide details.

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group
Queeniey Corliss

Foxconn Sells Communications Technology Patents to Google - 1 views

    Tech Reviews by The Corliss Group--Foxconn, which assembles gadgets for companies such as Apple Inc., said it has sold a number of its communications technology patents to Google Inc. for an undisclosed sum.

    Taiwan-based Foxconn, officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., made a name for itself in contract manufacturing by making Apple's iPhones and Sony's PlayStation game consoles. But few know the electronics manufacturer has been developing new technologies and has a sizable patent portfolio. In a statement, the company said it has applied for 128,400 patents and has been granted more than 64,300 patents world-wide.

    In the highly competitive technology industry, companies are challenging each other to set industry standards, which has led to a few patent cases.

    Google, which is battling with Apple for mobile dominance, has continued to strengthen its patent portfolio through acquisitions. The Internet giant's purchase of Motorola Mobility in 2011 gave it a formidable patent portfolio, and protected its Android mobile operating system and partners from legal threat from competitors, including Apple and Microsoft Corp.

    Foxconn, which also sold some head-mounted display technology patents to Google for an unspecified amount last year, was one of the top 20 U.S. patent owners in 2013, according to Manhattan-based patent advisory company Envision IP.

Queeniey Corliss

The Corliss Review Group: What are the top security concerns when moving to the cloud? - 1 views

The Corliss Review Group: What are the top security concerns when moving to the cloud? Cloud computing brings a myriad of benefits for any enterprise, but it is also a cause for conce...

Corliss Review Group What are the top security concerns when moving to cloud?

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