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paul lowe

Home - Supporting Learners In a Digital Age - Brookes Wiki - 0 views

    "Supporting Learners In a Digital Age (SLIDA)

    This project is investigating how institutions are creating and enabling opportunities that promote the development of effective learning in a digital age. The main deliverables of the study are 10 institutional case studies and a final report with recommendations for further and higher education on how to develop effective institution-wide strategies and practices which better support effective learners in a digital age. There is an opportunity here to build capacity in researching learners' needs and experiences. The project team are working collaboratively with each institution to assess what evidence they have available and what further evaluations they could conduct."
paul lowe

The Innovative Educator: Controlling your digital identity is as easy as 1-2-3 - 0 views

    Google or You? Who Would You Rather Control Your Digital Identity?

    While many users of the internet have accepted a passive digital footprint over which they have not taken control, Dean Shareski recently presented at #BLC10 on ideas for managing and manipulating what Google says about us. To do this, first it makes sense to 1) Get in touch with what your digital footprint says about you, 2) Determine if that is what you would like your digital footprint to say and if not, determine what you do want. 3) Start establishing your digital footprint. Here's how.
paul lowe

Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero: Top 10 Sites for Digital Storytelling - 0 views

    "Top 10 Sites for Digital Storytelling
    Digital Storytelling is the practice of telling stories w/ computer tools. Wikipedia explains teachers use digital storytelling for several reasons such as,"1) to incorporate multimedia into their curriculum and 2) Teachers can also introduce storytelling in combination with social networking in order to increase global participation, collaboration, and communication skills. Moreover, digital storytelling is a way to incorporate and teach the twenty-first century student the twenty-first century technology skills such as information literacy, visual literacy, global awareness, communication and technology literacy.""
paul lowe

YouTube - The Anonymity Project - Spring 2009 Digital Ethnography Preview - 0 views

    For the Spring 2009 Digital Ethnography course led by Michael Wesch. This is a compilation of trailers created by students for their Spring 2009 projects. For more information about our project, visit our research hub: There you will find links to student blogs, our wiki, our diigo links, notes, and other materials.
paul lowe

NMC Discussion - Digital Ethnography - 0 views

    mike wesc purpose driven research project on anonymity kansas uni ethnography/social anthropology on web 2.0 trends
paul lowe

Mediated Cultures: Digital Ethnography at Kansas State University - 0 views

    Mediated Cultures: Digital Ethnography at Kansas State University
    netvibes site for mike wesch's course using rss feeds etc
paul lowe

Digital Ethnography » Blog Archive » SmartPen as Digital Ethnography Tool - 0 views

    SmartPen as Digital Ethnography Tool

    Mar 11th, 2009 by Prof Wesch

    This little smartpen from livescribe just might revolutionize my note-taking in seminars, discussions, and ethnographic interviews. If you have never seen it before, check out some of the demos on YouTube. In short, it records audio as you write and links what you are writing to the audio (by recording what you write through a small infrared camera near the tip of the pen). When you are done recording you can actually tap the pen anywhere on your page and the pen will play the audio that was recorded at the time you were making that specific pen stroke. Students are already sharing lecture notes in the community section of As recording devices become increasingly embedded into everyday objects the days of protecting lectures from being recorded seem numbered.
paul lowe

Tools for News - 0 views

    New tools for new news

    Journalists need new tools to work online. I started building this online database of such tools as a personal project, just a way to keep track of everything I was using. It has since grown into something I think others will find useful.

paul lowe

TASI :: A JISC Advisory Service - Still images, moving images and sound advice - 0 views

    Advice to help you create, use and manage digital media

    * Managing Digitisation Projects
    Copyright and images, more...
    * Creating Digital Images
    Digital cameras, Scanners, more...
    * Delivering Digital Images
    Metadata, Managing images, more...
    * Finding & Using Digital Images
    Finding images online, Using images in teaching materials, more...
    * Vector & Animated Graphics
    Introduction to animated graphics, Illustrated glossary, more...
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