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1.6.5. Present perfect Language reference.pdf - 0 views

shared by mariangeles02 on 23 Sep 20 - No Cached
  • el present perfect para para referirnos a acontecimientos del pasado:
  • También usamos e lpresent perfectpara referirnos a un periodo de tiempo que comenzó en el pasado y que continúa hasta el presente.
Kathleen Cercone

Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day: Top 100 Tools for Learning Spring 2008 - 0 views

    The Top 100 Tools for Learning Spring 2008 list has now been finalised from the contributions of 155 learning professionals from education, workplace learning and continuing professional development., You can view the list here: Top 100 Tools for Learning Spring 2008 I've also categorised the Top 100 tools by type of tool - and you can view that list here: Learning Toolbox 2008 I'm now working on the free Summary PDF, and that should be available shortly to download. I've...
David Wetzel

Top 5 Search Tools for Finding Flickr Images for Use in Education - 0 views

    The top five search tools for finding Flickr images are designed to help teachers and students locate just the right image for use in any subject area and project. Without these tools finding the right image on this image hosting site is often an impossible, or at least a tedious, task. The value of this site is its ability to provide digital pictures which are often impossible for a teacher to obtain any other way. Like everything else on the internet, trying to find something is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This where the top five search tools become valuable resources for teachers and students trying to find images comes into play. These search engines are specifically designed to search the more than three billion pictures on the Flickr hosting site.
Tony Rodgers

EdTech Toolbox: Top 100 Tools For Learning 2011 - 0 views

    "Great list produced every year from C4LPT - Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. Here are the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011. This the 5th Annual Survey of Learning Tools finalised on 13 November 2011. This year's list is compiled from the Top 10 Tools lists of 531 learning professionals worldwide - from education, training and workplace learning. "
Warren K Gurrero

40 Top Most Installed And Most Downloaded Android Apps[MUST HAVE] - 0 views

    Collection of Top 40 most downloaded Android Apps By Android Users Across The World. Top 10 BEST Android Apps 2012 which you must have in your android mobile.

Top 10 web tools #googlereader alternative to save favorite blogs - 16 views

    I also work to a list Top 100 google reader alternative where everyone can propose new tools / apss who can replace google reader for web / ipad and I will share this list on my blog in 2 weeks .
Warren K Gurrero

Top 20 Hall of Fame iPhone & iPad Games in The Market - 0 views

    Listing the top 20 most popular iPhone & iPad games in the market, this list of free & paid games are most acclaimed games at iTunes.
David Wetzel

6 Top Free Online Tools for Support Teaching and Learning - 1 views

    The six top free online tools were selected from available web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning using presentations, blogging, and bookmarking online resources. There are many excellent online tools available in these three categories, making the selection difficult at best. However, the selection was made based on reviewing available online resources along with other contributions and feedback from teachers.
Admission Times

Top 5 Educational Websites - 3 views

Students are always seeking to get accurate information about admission in college and universities. A lot of factors are involved from shortlisting universities to finally getting into one. Crucia...

admission times admissiontimes adult education best websites in the world educational website for kids higher online computer distance india portal elementary list of top sites

started by Admission Times on 30 Nov 13 no follow-up yet
Pinhopes Job Site

India's first video job application portal | - 0 views

    Pinhopes is India's first video job application portal, search best jobs across top companies in India & find your dream job with One minute video simply & swiftly.
    Pinhopes is India's first video job application portal, search best jobs across top companies in India & find your dream job with One minute video simply & swiftly.
    Pinhopes is India's first video job application portal, search best jobs across top companies in India & find your dream job with One minute video simply & swiftly.
Ninja Essays

Guest Post: Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors | Teaching & Technology - 0 views

    "Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors"
Christopher Pappas

TOP 10 FREE Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers - 0 views

    "Timelines have become an indispensable part of the learning experience as they enable students to participate more actively in learning and acquire knowledge the easy way. In other words, timelines help students easily understand and memorize events and dates. But how easy it is to create them? Which are the best - and free- tools that you can use? In the following list you will find the TOP 10 FREE Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers that are very effective, free and easy to use. "
jodi tompkins

Top 10 iPhone photo apps | ZDNet - 10 views

    iphone photo apps... top 10
Hanna Wiszniewska

Career Point: Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008 - 1 views

    Interesting list - some tools worth (re-)considering... Enjoy!
    from the site: "This list has beens compiled from the contributions of 223 learning professionals (from both education and workplace learning) who shared their Top 10 Tools for Learning both for their own personal learning/ productivity and for creating learning solutions for others."
Barbara Lindsey

Top News - Educators wrestle with digital-equity challenges - 0 views

  • Resta noted that the United States has fallen to 15th in broadband penetration among industrialized nations, according to rankings compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development--down from fourth in 2001.
    • Barbara Lindsey
      Critical pedagogy issue right here in the U.S.
  • He said most countries have set a goal of universal broadband service, much like electricity, telephone service, or any other utility. But in the United States, "we really don't have much of a [national] policy--we're thrashing around," Resta said, and it's incumbent on educators to help push for a national broadband strategy.
  • Still, new research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project suggests that attitude, rather than availability, might be the main reason more Americans don't have high-speed internet access. (See accompanying story: "Study: Many dial-up users don't want broadband.")
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • He said he's heard from some parents that they're not online because they're afraid of the dangers lurking on the web. In response to these concerns, he said, Verizon now offers free online protection tools for families.
Michael Johnson

Top 50 Blogs for e-Learning Tools and Tips - 0 views

    From the blog Digital Learning People, their list of the top 50 blogs for eLearning Tools and Tips. Don't know if I agree with all 50, but in a list a fifty at least some of them have to be good. I know I follow a few of them already.

Top 10 Tips to Secure Facebook Account From HackersTechoBytes - 1 views

    top 10 you must read to secure your facebook account

Top 6 famous food in India - 0 views

    Hello guys, In this article we are going to share famous food in India .India's culture and diversity cannot be built into borders. And equally different is India's food. The Khamban of Gujarat or Rasgulla of Bengal, it has made its own city identity. Likewise, in some different cities of the country there is some eating street. Who has conveyed sweets to a new position. They are not just a street but they are the city of taste. Believe it these narrow streets are not less any heaven for foodie people. Because India is country where different different religion people lived .They all have different different taste of foods . That why we are sharing Top 6 famous food in India.

Official Resume Mistakes ~ BETRAYBD - 0 views

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