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Mark McDonough

Writing with Technology - Tackk - 25 views

    great, short list of, mostly, web-based tools for writing/storytelling from a masscue2013 workshop. "For grades K-6, the Common Core requires that students use technology to produce and publish writing, while interacting and collaborating. As the students age, their level of independence increases. Each of the tools that I present to you today, allows for these 4 key actions."
Keith Schoch

Digital Dialogue: Tech Tool for Reading and Writing - 4 views

    A collection of 25 sites for encouraging collaboration and interaction in the middle school and high school Reading/LA classroom. I promise there are some here you haven't seen before!
Mark McDonough

Nota - Casual Collaboration - 18 views

    real time collaboration. looks great for schools EXCEPT it looks like students need an email address to be added as "editors" of a page.
Angela Christopher

Mendeley - 25 views

    Free reference manager and PDF organizer
Brian Magurn

Nik's Learning Technology Blog: 10 Tech Tools for Teacher Training Courses - 43 views

    A great progression through the various web 2 tools. However, I couldn't access any of the videos - a message appeared saying they were unavailable.
Kay Cunningham

Innovation Management - Turn ideas into action | Intuit Brainstorm® - 15 views

    'Brainstorm unleashes your employees' untapped creativity. Give them the easy-to-use tools they need to move their ideas forward.'
Marcia Jensen

Edistorm - 0 views

    "Add, discuss and organize ideas from multiple locations before, during and after (or instead of) your meetings. Build a storm using Edistorm Templates or leverage your existing business processes. Measure results with instant voting and reporting."
Donna Baumbach

Pegby: Peg it up, Move it Around, Get it Done. - 18 views

    Pegby wants you to stop using those sticky notes that seem to be everywhere on and around your work desk, and instead use their cards and stacks to manage tasks. Their task management board is divided into mainly three columns - pending, in process and done (you can add more columns if you need them), and in each column you can add cards which are basically tasks and their descriptions. Different cards (tasks) can be combined together into a named stack, each card or stack can be dragged or dropped across columns. You can also invite people and jointly create and manage tasks. Each card can be customized in various ways. Its color can be changed, it can be tagged and much more. There's a way to filter your board too if you think it's full of clutter. Features: * Manage tasks through online cards and stacks. * Have family members use it along with you. * Add columns to the board, drag and drop cards. * Similar tools: Corkboard, Pindax and WallWisher.
David Freeburg

Google Moderator in the Classroom « Epic Epoch - 20 views

    How could you use Google Moderator in the classroom?  Might it improve classroom discussion and sharing ideas?
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