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Mark McDonough

Writing with Technology - Tackk - 25 views

    great, short list of, mostly, web-based tools for writing/storytelling from a masscue2013 workshop. "For grades K-6, the Common Core requires that students use technology to produce and publish writing, while interacting and collaborating. As the students age, their level of independence increases. Each of the tools that I present to you today, allows for these 4 key actions."
Clif Mims

Research Tool - Google Docs - 42 views

    The Research tool makes it easy to add information from the web to your documents.
Keith Schoch

Digital Dialogue: Tech Tool for Reading and Writing - 4 views

    A collection of 25 sites for encouraging collaboration and interaction in the middle school and high school Reading/LA classroom. I promise there are some here you haven't seen before!
Geoffrey Smith

Scriffon - 21 views

    Scriffon is a simple service for writing and publishing online. Scriffon isn't a blogging platform, it's a writing platform. That means that you cannot edit the layout or navigation on the page on which your writing is published. Each writing that you publish is given it's own url. You can go back and edit your writing even after it has been published. If like, you can use multiple pen names under your Scriffon account name too.  Applications for Education Scriffon could be a good way for students to anonymously post their writings online and get feedback from others. For teachers or students who are reluctant to put their names on the web, using a pen name is a good way to publish without putting your real name online.
Dennis OConnor

6-Traits Resources: Writing Process / 6-Traits / Web 2.0 - 28 views

  • Here's my stab at creating a poster that shows the relationships between the writing process, 6-traits, an web 2.0. ~ Denni
    I'm glad you bookmarked this poster. I created it after seeing the NWREL Traits / Writing Process poster. ~ Dennis O'Connor (aka Wireinstructor).
Lissa Davies

Cool Tools for Writing - Part IV « Ed Tech Ideas - 36 views

    This is part IV in a series dedicated to free, online writing tools for kids. 
Geoffrey Smith

Phrays | Today's word is Quondam. Now, write a sentence. - 0 views

    Phrays is a simple site that publishes a new word of the day everyday. Each word is published with its definition and part of speech. Visitors to the site are encouraged to write and submit a sentence using that word. Registered users can read the sentences submitted by others and vote for their favorite sentences.
Learning Today

Writing to the Future! - 21 views

    education, learning, future, writing, activities, fun, kids
Rehab Rajab

Digital story creation and sharing - 12 views

    Digital storytelling with beautiful graphics and art
Kay Cunningham

Etherpad - 12 views

    'EtherPad is the first web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time.'
Rhondda Powling

Notes From McTeach: Learning to Blog Using Paper - 21 views

    An interesting task that introduces students to writing blogs and esp commenting. Includes a list of blogging rules and also another document about ideas for comments
jodi tompkins - 8 views

    blogging with your class. Includes more links to additional resources and ideas for blogging with your students
Rhondda Powling

Tagxedo - Creator - 16 views

    Similar to Wordle, Tagxedo is a new style of word cloud generator
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