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Kristy Conger

The Practical EdTech Handbook - 9 views

    Can't get the link to work; just takes me to groups on DIIGO.
Kristy Conger

BBC Sound Effects - UKEdChat - 9 views

    Browse and download 16,000 sound effects from the BBC, licensed for educational use.
Keith Schoch

Video Viewing with a Purpose - 98 views

    Embed quiz questions, surveys, and comments into videos easily, while recording scores via the teacher dashboard. Assess understanding of videos assigned.
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Isabelle Jones

My Languages: Parallel Reading with the Parallel Books app-A Way into Literature and Tr... - 22 views

Rick Reo

Two Contrasting Views of Educational Technology by @nikpeachey - - 14 views

Robert Vouter

Identity, Power, and Education's Algorithms - 10 views

  • An algorithmic education, despite all the promises made by ed-tech entrepreneurs for “revolution” and “disruption,” is likely to re-inscribe the power relations that are already in place in school and in society. Profiling has very different implications for different groups.
Barbara Lindsey

Craig Watkins: What Schools Are Really Blocking When They Block Social Media - 42 views

  • By blocking social media schools are also blocking the opportunity:

    1)    to teach students about the inventive and powerful ways communities around the world are using social media

    2)    for students and teachers to experience the educational potential of social media together

    3)    for students to distribute their work with the larger world

    4)    for students to reimagine their creative and civic identities in the age of networked media

Cara Whitehead

Figurative Language | Articles - 27 views

  • Reinforce your students' understanding of figurative language with VocabularySpellingCity's figurative language lessons, interactive games, printable worksheets, and powerpoint presentations.
jodi tompkins

Send Instant Private Video Messages - Sendshots - 11 views

    Video messages to share with friends and family privately
drew polly

Ben Rimes- common core- technology - 23 views

    5 ways to use technology to help teach the Common Core

Euneos Finland invite you to join 1st Curation Course in Erasmus Plus - 9 views

    Because Curation is Social Media King we organize a special Erasmus Plus Course edition in Inari ,Lapland, Finland . If you like and want to learn more about #euneoscourses in #erasmusplus join and invite your friends in our #googleplus Communityþff or read more
Michael Johnson

Is Your Use of Social Media FERPA Compliant? (EDUCAUSE Review) | - 25 views

    EDUCAUSE Review Online
Mark McDonough

ForAllRubrics - Super Powered Rubrics - 61 views

    a 21st century assessing system. create rubric (can choose CCCR standards), import student roster. click on rubric to record grade of individual student (works on an ipad, too). get class diagnostics. can share with parents. farewell, rubistar!
Isabelle Jones

My Languages: ICT into Languages Conference, Southampton University, 8-9th February 2014 - 7 views

    My Languages: ICT into Languages Conference, Southampton Univers...
    My Languages: ICT into Languages Conference, Southampton Univers...
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