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Walter Antoniotti

Students Personal Finance - 0 views

Students Personal Finance Internet Library has learning materials for students of all ages, parents, and teachers.

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 18 Jul 17 no follow-up yet
Nigel Coutts

Five Great Reads - The Learner's Way - 9 views

    One of the great joys and best strategies for expanding your understanding is to engage with a great book. Fortunately the options available today are immense and electronic options and audio books make access easy and possible wherever you may be. Here is a short list of what I have been reading lately with some brief reflections. 
Nigel Coutts

Rethinking Mathematics Education - The Learner's Way - 10 views

    What becomes clear, as you dive further into the emerging research that connects what we know about learning, mindsets, dispositions for learning and the development of mathematical understandings, is that a new approach is required. We need to move away from memorisation and rule based simplifications of mathematics and embrace a model of learning that is challenging and exciting. We can and should be emerging all our students in the beauty and power of mathematics in learning environments full of multiple representations, rich dialogue and collaborative learning. 
Walter Antoniotti

Response to Class Project Over 100 BUT - 4 views

No one e-mail with questions. I added a contest, made instruction clearer. Plus I added Turning Points in American History to the projects page.

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 15 Aug 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Class Project - 14 views


education web2.0 technology tools resources Learning teaching collaboration video

started by Walter Antoniotti on 12 Aug 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Election 2016 - 2 views

These one-page 2016 Election Issues may be of interest.

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 19 Jul 16 no follow-up yet
Nigel Coutts

Emoji vs Language - 9 views

    Apple in its next release of its iOS operating system for mobile devices will introduce a new feature called 'Emojification' that aims to make this new style of communication easily accessible to all. So, what does this mean for the language arts and how might the emojification of language alter the way in which we communicate.
Paul Beaufait

Project Based Teaching Rubric | Project Based Learning | BIE - 31 views

    This [Buck Institute for Education] rubric describes beginning, developing, and Gold Standard levels for Project Based Teaching Practices for K-12 teachers" (What is it? ¶1, 2016.06.10).
Walter Antoniotti

Building America's Democratic Federalist Republic 2-page class handout - 6 views

Important background for everyone especially in an election year.'s%20Democratic%20Federalist%20Republic.htm

Education resources teaching Learning

started by Walter Antoniotti on 28 Apr 16 no follow-up yet
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Michael Sturgeon

Is The Flipped Classroom Relevant to ELT? - EFL Magazine - 9 views

Nigel Coutts

Suggested Readings to Inspire Teaching - 23 views

    With the end of the year approaching and holidays looming for some now is the ideal time to share some suggestions for books and papers to read. A great book can provide the inspiration required to begin the new year positively and this list includes some of my favourites from 2015.
Nigel Coutts

Ten ideas from Eye on the Future - 13 views

    On Saturday I had the opportunity to join a group of very enthusiastic teachers to hear Alan November and Carl Jarvis speak at North Turramurra Primary School. That so many educators from across Sydney were keen to give up a Saturday is a testament to their desire to improve their teaching but also a measure of the respect these speakers garner.
Nigel Coutts

Why build a Personal Learning Network? - 11 views

    'Inside the Black Box' was written by Black and William in 1998 and in it they describe the classroom as a black box with inputs and outputs but what occurred inside was a mystery. For many teachers the reality has been that what occurs in their classroom has been both private and isolating, a matter between the teacher and his or her students but a task largely tackled alone. But this isolationist view is, in the age of the social media and networking increasingly challenged and more and more teachers are finding their voice, sharing their ideas and gaining valuable insights from a global community of connected educators.
Nigel Coutts

An Introduction to Design Thinking (Part Two) - 20 views

    In the constructivist-learning model, engagement and experience combine with immersive environments and self-organisation of knowledge to establish a context in which learning occurs naturally. Constructivism has since the time of Dewey become closely affiliated with Project Based Learning and yet despite years of efforts to refine the process the result does not always match the promise. Design Thinking might be the answer.
Nigel Coutts

Assessment and Learning - 43 views

    Assessment is an essential component of the teaching and learning cycle but sadly it is one that is often misunderstood. If we are to have any hope of getting it right we must begin with a sound understanding of what we hope to achieve, what is being assessed, who is being assessed and what will be done once the results are available.
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Nigel Coutts

Genius Hour - Why we scaffold - 24 views

    Genius Hour - The idea is simple, identify a block of time and give it over to the students as an opportunity for them to create a learning experience of their own. But while the idea is simple implementing such a plan can be challenging and there are aspects of such a project that require careful planning and a clear philosophical understanding before you begin.

Schools, learning, innovation and student futures - 20 views

    For all of us, learning was an innate part of life. It was something we just did, that was as natural to us as breathing. If not for this innate desire to learn and with it the ability to do so, we would never learn to walk, or speak or interact with others. But what happens to this innate drive to learn and how might we get it back?
    For all of us, learning was an innate part of life. It was something we just did, that was as natural to us as breathing. If not for this innate desire to learn and with it the ability to do so, we would never learn to walk, or speak or interact with others.
Kerry J

Dashboard | EQUELLA - 36 views

    an open access repository service powered by EQUELLA. This publicly accessible repository promotes and provides access to resources contributed by academic institutions and repositories from around the world. 

    Resources are accessible through content harvesting, federated search, or via direct access to the website, enabling access to thousands of resources. 
Michele Rosen

EdTechTeacher | Rubrics for Assessment - 100 views

    This page provides brief explanations and an impressive menu of links to resources and tools for assessing and providing feedback to learners on technology-supported activities and projects. Categories include:

    Rubrics for Assessment - General
    Rubric Generators
    Assessing … Blogging
    Assessing Coding & Gaming
    Assessing Graphic Organizers
    Assessing Podcasts
    Assessing Technology & Social Media
    Assessing Video, Screencasting, and Digital Storytelling Projects
    Assessing Websites/Digital Portfolios
    Assessing Wikis
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