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Automatic Image Slider w/ CSS & jQuery | Simple Image Slider Tutorial | jQuery Slider |... - 0 views

    Tutorial on how to make a simple Automatic Image Slider using CSS & jQuery (Want it for my new eBay Template).
    Tutorial on how to make a simple Automatic Image Slider using CSS & jQuery (Want it for my new eBay Template).
Fabola smith

How to Submit a Form Using Jquery? - 0 views

    Here we shall discuss how we are going to submit the form from a jquery program. Earlier, we had discussed how to submit a program using javascript. Now, we shall discuss how to submit a program using Jquery. Like javascript that provides the submit()
Jeff Johnson | Voice to Text Notes & To Dos. Email & Text Message Reminders. Hands-free Ema... - 0 views

  •'s voice-to-text services allow you to capture thoughts, create to-dos, set reminders, and send emails & text messages - all with a simple phone call." />
Fabola smith

What is PHP strip_tags() Jquery quivalent? - 0 views

    Hi People, What is PHP strip_tags() Jquery/Javascript equivalent? I have to stip all html tags from content variable in the javascript code that uses Jquery.
Denise Menchaca

The Differentiator - 12 views

  • will identify the patterns of the transaction model of communication using textbooks to create a report
  • Report
    Step by step wizard that guides you through bloom's taxonomy. Useful for creating objectives and thinking through projects (online and face to face). Consider this a brainstorming tool that will help you break out of the box and differentiate your lessons.
    Use Bloom's revised taxonomy to create differentiated lessons and activities.
Fabola smith

Jquery HTML() vs InnerHTML()? - 0 views

    What is the difference between html() and innerhtml() function in jquery?
Judy Robison

The Learning Mag - 37 views

    "The Learning Mag is a mobile learning textbook that you create for your students. You can organize your course materials into sections with individual mobile links and a slick JQuery Mobile interface that works as well on an Android Phone as on an iPad, iPhone, or PC. By creating your own Learning Mag, you are ensuring that your students have true anywhere, anytime access to their classwork, including assignments, readings, quizzes, videos, the works! Exactly what you want them to see is there, stuffed into the pages of The Learning Mag. "
holly john

web design virginia - 0 views

    We create websites that are easy to navigate, Google SEO optimized, that use the latest HTML 5, JQuery and AJAX Technology allowing us to create beautiful websites which in return maximize the chances of your visitors contacting you and becoming a client. Our portfolio speaks for itself, we have a diverse range of clients, from simple, clean brochure websites through to highly complex database driven websites. At HDWebTech we can design and build a solution that will work for you and your clients.
Kathleen Porter

Educational Leadership:Technology-Rich Learning:Students First, Not Stuff - 1 views

  • What Do We Mean by Learning?
  • allowing students to pursue their interests in the context of the curriculum
  • Teachers must be colearners with kids, expert at asking great, open-ended questions and modeling the learning process required to answer those questions. Teachers should be master learners in the classroom
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  • What Does It Mean to Be Literate?
  • What Does It Mean to Be Educated?
  • What Do Students Need to Know?
  • developing the skills and dispositions necessary for them to learn whatever they need to learn whenever they need to learn it? That means rethinking classrooms to focus on individual passions, inquiry, creation, sharing, patient problem solving, and innovation
  • start with the questions that focus on our students
  • Instead of helping our students become "college ready," we might be better off making them "learning ready," prepared for any opportunity that might present itself down the road
  • With access, and with a full set of skills and literacies to use this access well, we now have the power to create our own education in any number of ways
  • manage, analyze, and synthesize multiple streams of simultaneous information
  • Some, like Stanford professor Howard Rheingold, believe that technology now requires an attention literacy—the ability to exert some degree of mental control over our use of technology rather than simply being distracted by it—for users to be productive. Professor Henry Jenkins at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) advocates for transmedia literacy, which includes networking and performance skills that take advantage of this connected, audience-rich moment.
  • it's about addressing the new needs of modern learners in entirely new ways. And once we understand that it's about learning, our questions reframe themselves in terms of the ecological shifts we need to make: What do we mean by learning? What does it mean to be literate in a networked, connected world? What does it mean to be educated? What do students need to know and be able to do to be successful in their futures? Educators must lead inclusive conversations in their communities around such questions to better inform decisions about technology and change
  • Right now, we should be asking ourselves not just how to do school better, but how to do it decidedly differently
  • Learning is now truly participatory in real-world contexts. The transformation occurs in that participation, that connection with other learners outside school walls with whom we can converse, create, and publish authentic, meaningful, beautiful work
  • what do we do as schools become just one of many places in both the real and virtual world where our students can get an education? Welcome to what portends to be the messiest, most upheaval-filled 10 years in education that any of us has ever seen. Resistance, as they say, is futile
    "Putting technology first-simply adding a layer of expensive tools on top of the traditional curriculum-does nothing to address the new needs of modern learners."
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