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James Herbert

Exchange 2010 Role Based Access Control (Part 3) - 1 views

    "There is also another piece of the puzzle to look at, namely management role entries, which we will be doing here in part three. Once we understand what management role entries are, we shall then see what membership of the Discovery Management role group means for a user that needs to perform a mailbox search."
Pamela Stevens

Office in Education - Are your students getting it? Find out with Interactive Classroom - 37 views

    "In a nutshell, it works like this: You create presentations in PowerPoint, and \nInteractive Classroom helps you insert real time knowledge checks (called polls) \nalong the way. Polls can include multiple choice, yes/no, or true/false \nquestions, and they seamlessly integrate with the lesson you're teaching. \n\nStudents can connect to your presentation by joining an Interactive \nClassroom session that you create (note that your students will need a network \nconnection). After students join-and it's easy to do, so don't worry about \nspending half your class time setting it up-they see your presentation and the \npoll question(s) you've included in their own OneNote notebook. Students can \nanswer poll questions in OneNote, and you get real-time feedback in the charting \nformat you choose. You can add text or draw on your slides during the session, \nand your students will see the changes you've made in OneNote. They can also add \ntheir own comments and notes on the presentation."
Frances DiDavide

Faculty Resource Center - Content - 15 views

    Microsofts resource to teach programming through game development. While developed as a college 101 type class this can be adapted to a high school curriculum. Microsoft provides a variety of resources.
Jorge Gonçalves

Microsoft Teacher Guides: Developing Critical Thinking Through Web Research Skills | Le... - 59 views

    Free e-book about critical thinking and a very good collection of critical thinking related sites.
Kathleen N

Microsoft Research Songsmith: News and Updates - 13 views

    free for educators via Partners in Learning
Marcellinus B

Kodu - Microsoft Research - 32 views

    game making- microsoft style!
Frances DiDavide

What do you wonder? Join us in asking the big questions. « Problem Solving wi... - 25 views

    Online conference with Smithsonian and Microsoft. Highlights problem solving.
Jennifer Scypinski

Digital Storytelling Teacher Guide - 34 views

    Needs Silverlight
    From Microsoft, digital storytelling
    Download an e-book, watch videos, and use tempates from teachers to learn how to use Windows Live Movie Maker and other tools to make learning more personal with pictures and movies in your classroom."
Dimitris Tzouris

Microsoft Mouse Mischief - 32 views

    Make PowerPoint presentations interactive.
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