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Luís F. Simões

The Amazing Trajectories of Life-Bearing Meteorites from Earth - Technology Review - 0 views

  • That raises another interesting question: how quickly could life-bearing ejecta from Earth (or anywhere else) seed the entire galaxy?

    Hara and co calculate that it would take some 10^12 years for ejecta to spread through a volume of space the size of the Milky Way. But since our galaxy is only 10^10 years old, a single ejection event could not have done the trick.

    However, they say that if life evolved at 25 different sites in the galaxy 10^10 years ago, then the combined ejecta from these places would now fill the Milky Way.

  • Ref: Transfer of Life-Bearing Meteorites from Earth to Other Planets


How The Cost of Computation Restricts The Processes of Life - Technology Review - 1 views

    "That's why silicon chips operate at temperatures hot enough to fry eggs."
    I stopped reading after this sentence... is the remaining part of the article equally scientifically (in)accurate?
Dario Izzo

Proposed mission to Jupiter system achieves milestone - 1 views

    Understanding life is the scientific focus of the next Europa/Ganimede mission!
    the objective is rather the study of "emergence of habitable worlds", which of course includes understanding of life and what habitability is ...
Dario Izzo

File Compression: New Tool for Life Detection? - 4 views

    As mentioned today during coffee .... we could think to link this to source localization
  • ...3 more comments...
    Not sure by what you mean by source localisation, but this using gzip to discern "biological" from "non-biological" images seems to me *very* tricky... I mean, there's a lot of other factors that may affect compressibility of an image than just mere "regularity" of the pattern, and if they haven't controlled for these, this is just bullsh1t... (For instance did they use the same imaging device to take those images? What about lighting conditions and exposure? etc).

    The apostle of sometimes surprising uses of compression is prof. Shmidhuber from IDSIA...
    I completely agree with you..... still if you have one instrument on board the spacecraft and your picture compressibility is a noisy indicator of some interesting source .... we could try to perform some probabilistic reasoning
    I think they (IDSIA-Schmidhuber) are planning on putting something about that also inside the Acta Futura paper...
    Really, you think they'd target such a low impact factor publication? ;-P
    you will all soon be begging to publish in Acta Futura! We will be bigger than Nature.
Joris _

Enceladus: Nasa discovers new evidence that Saturn moon 'may contain life' - Telegraph - 2 views

  • Saturn's sixth-largest moon could have the conditions necessary to sustain life.
    Isn' it a candidate for Terraforming ?
Christos Ampatzis

Evidence of life on Mars lurks beneath surface of meteorite, Nasa experts claim - Times... - 1 views

    Is there life on Mars?
    - We should try to compress those images!
    "Is there life on Mars?"

    Yes, mostly on Saturday night...

search for other life forms! - Alternative Solvents as a Basis for Life supporting Zone... - 2 views

    like the idea ....
Tobias Seidl

Journal of the Royal Society Interface - Focus: Synthetic Biology - 0 views

    A toc of a spcial issue on synthetic biology: How to assemble organisms from scratch. Could one day be intersting for large scale deterministic self assembly or some other crazy idea...
evo ata

Future Human Evolution - 1 views

    Scientific and speculative articles about the future of human evolution regarding to artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, transhumanism, nanotechnology, space colonization, time travel, life extension and human enhancement
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