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La Colline - théâtre national, direction Stéphane Braunschweig - Where were y... - 0 views

  • 8 janvier, minuit, banlieue de Téhéran, il neige. Quatre jeunes femmes répètent Les Bonnes de Jean Genet dans une maison. Ali, le fiancé de Fati, qui fait son service militaire dans la police, les rejoint. Il n’est pas censé être là, mais Fati a insisté. Bravant la loi qui interdit à un soldat de porter une arme dans un lieu privé, il promet à l’officier de service de revenir au poste avant l’aube. La neige l’en empêche. Abdi a lui aussi rejoint la répétition. Ils sont tous contraints de passer la nuit dans cette maison. Le lendemain quand Ali se réveille, il est seul et son arme a disparu. Mais la maison n’est pas le lieu de l’intrigue, ni l’arme l’enjeu véritable. La pièce tisse une suite de conversations téléphoniques au lendemain de cette nuit. En filigrane, les dialogues évoquent la situation actuelle de jeunes gens en Iran qui cherchent des moyens de se faire entendre. Figure de passeur dans le milieu théâtral iranien, Amir Reza Koohestani, auteur-metteur en scène accueilli en Europe depuis 2002, a récemment contribué, avec Oriza Hirata et Sylvain Maurice, au spectacle Des utopies? Entre symbolisme et réalisme, ne cessant d’échapper aux limites imposées par la censure, il tend au public un miroir de sa société.
Aasemoon =)

FFFFOUND! | this is my heart. it is a good heart. - 0 views

    What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.
Aasemoon =)

FFFFOUND! | i can read - 0 views

    I want you to be a constant.
Aasemoon =) - Giant Dallas Robot Cited as Best Public Art - 0 views

  • By now most residents of the Dallas / Fort Worth area are aware of the giant, 35,000 lbs steel robot that towers over DART's Deep Ellum rail station. Robot builders may also be aware of the robot from coverage in Robot Magazine. Now, the rest of the world is taking notice because the prominent art organization, Americans for the Arts, has included the Dallas Robot, known officially as Traveling Man, on its list of 40 Best Public Art Works in the US and Canada. Read on to learn more about Traveling Man and see more photos of the big robot and little chrome friends.

    So what's the story behind this giant robot? A combination of opportunities and influences led to its creation. Dallas Area Rapid Transit or DART as it's known locally, was expanding into the Deep Ellum area with a new rail line and a Deep Ellum rail station. Deep Ellum is the historic Dallas arts district from which have come a long list of musical and visual artists. The area is also well known for its many public art pieces, many improvised in local do-it-yourself fashion. Painters and sculpters often create art on the exterior of their own or other buildings in the area.

Aasemoon =)

concept robots: Concept robots by Robert Simons - 0 views

    Ooo how lovely! ;)
Aasemoon =)

Matt Simmonds music - My heart calls across the mountains - SoundCloud - 0 views

    Nice track by Matt Simmonds aka 4mat aka Marie2
Aasemoon =)

The Blue Talkz... - 1 views

  • satori-v
  • I luuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Satori's demos. So much that I actually check their Pouet page every month or so just to see if they have anything new, even though they hadn't released anything since 2007. They were one of the very first groups I came to know, and they're among my top 3 favourite demo groups of all time, and I have a LOT of favourites so... you get the picture. =)

    I was beginning to lose hope of seeing new demos from Satori since they hadn't released anything in such a long while. And that would have been such a shame. So you can imagine the depth of my WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW when I saw their name pop up on my screen today, as I was watching the demo compo on Breakpoint TV. =) And oh wow, they SO did not disappoint! The demo is a true artistic masterpiece.

Aasemoon =)

IEEE Spectrum: A New Algorithm to Attack Art Fraud - 0 views

  • Every few years, we're wowed by news of some jaw-dropping sum paid for a previously unknown painting or drawing by a famous artist. But how can a buyer truly be sure that a piece is a legitimate creation of, say, Leonardo or Gauguin? Mathematicians at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, N.H., may have the answer. They recently presented a computer-based statistical analysis technique which they say will help art historians and conservators discover even the most skilled forgery.

    Their method, called sparse coding, learns what characterizes the artist's style at a level of detail that is practically imperceptible to the eye of even the most experienced appraiser. It works by examining small patches of a picture and breaking them down to a set of essential elements.

Aasemoon =)

Mathematics and Art - O'Reilly Radar - 1 views

  • Nikki Graziano's intriguing integration of mathematical curves into her photography sparked a Radar discussion about the relationship between mathematics and the real world. Does her work give insight into the nature of mathematics? Or into the nature of the world? And if so, what kind of insight?

    Mathematically, matching one curve to another isn't a big deal. Given N points, it's trivial to write an N+1 degree equation that passes through all of them. There are many more subtle ways of solving the same problem, with more aesthetically pleasing results: you can use sine functions, wavelets, square waves, whatever you want. Take out a ruler, measure some points, plug them into Mathematica, and in seconds you can generate as many curves as you like. So finding an equation that matches the curve of an artfully trimmed hedge is easy. The question is whether that curve tells us anything, or whether it's just another stupid math trick.

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