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Graham Perrin

Acrobat 9 and Reader 9 | - 18 views

gino carpio

Will Future Changes in the Online Video Landscape Kill Adobe Flash? | clickTRUE Blog - 1 views

    For a while now, online video has been relatively simple. You used Adobe Flash with its 95% plus market share. Then things changed. The next Web standard, HTML 5 came along, but it didn't spell out that Flash or anything else would be the video codec standard. We discuss the impact of the possible demise of Flash.
Graham Perrin

Adobe, AIR and open source: changes to, and expectations of, WebKit - 1 views

  • Adobe Open Source
  • WebKit
  • to render HTML and execute JavaScript in Adobe® AIR™
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • Our plan is to contribute our changes back to the WebKit community
  • currently working on getting the code smoothly integrated
  • conversation at
  • Our modification can be found within the Perforce depot.
  • integrate our changes back into the WebKit source repository at
  • the WebKit shared library will not contain any platform specific code
  • For the near term, WebKit will have platform specific code
  • to rasterize vector graphics generated by the HTML renderer
  • Project Plans
  • we use Cairo Source for WebKit
  • we use CoreGraphics
  • 2008-06-03
    Adobe, AIR and open source: changes to, and expectations of, WebKit
    Will AIR applications be deployable in Google Chrome OS? Or, is this possibility reduced by Adobe's changes to WebKit? When and how will Adobe's changes to WebKit become available at Defocusing from Adobe: is there now less platform-specific code within WebKit? How soon might the goal — no platform-specific code — be realised?
Graham Perrin

Screenjelly - 1 views

    The Screenjelly troubleshooting page explains how to work around the conflict. Highlights:

Adobe service puts browsers side by side - 0 views

    Important news for the web developers out there
my mashable

Flash On Most Smartphones: Not Yet. Flash on the iPhone: Maybe Never - 0 views

    Reading between the lines and past the Adobe Flash Lite Distributable Player, Adobe's announcement prior to this year's Mobile World Congress isn't all that exciting.In short, the full version of Flash is coming to most smartphones - Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile devices, as well as Palm Pre - in early 2010. Which pretty much means they'll really be announcing it at the next year's MWC.
Jungle Jar

Free e-Book: The Adobe Flash Platform ActionScript Reference for Rich Internet Applicat... - 0 views

    Adobe has released a free e-book entitled: The Adobe Flash Platform ActionScript Reference for Rich Internet Application Development. This ActionScript reference for rich Internet application development provides an alphabetical reference for all native ActionScript APIs for the Adobe Flash platform runtimes...
Jungle Jar

JungleJar Beautiful, Free Adobe Icon Set - 0 views

    You may recognize these icons -- We used them on our Helium Wordpress template's demo page. I kept receiving emails asking where people could download the icon-set, so I decided to make it easier on both of us. Besides that, the icon set is of great quality.
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