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Nik Peachey

Development - Is the 140 character 'micro interaction' enough? | Delta Publishing - Eng... - 2 views

    Twitter could not possibly be further away from the concept of a computer game or a three dimensional visually rich virtual world. Suddenly instead of learning to fly and exchanging our money for Linden bucks (the currency of Linden Labs' Second Life) we were exchanging grammatically correct sentences for status updates of less than 140 characters! Who could have seen it coming? Perhaps Gartner, who also predicted that "90 Per Cent of Corporate Virtual World Projects Fail Within 18 Months".
Phil Taylor

Academic Impressions - News and Analysis - 0 views

  • pedagogical challenges or outcomes and align them with the strengths
  • strengths of Twitter include real-time, rapid communication and feedback; ease of sharing links and resources; and the ease of making a channel more public than a particular classroom.
Phil Taylor

Educational Leadership:Teaching Screenagers:Screenagers: Making the Connections - 8 views

  • Screenagers: Making the Connections
  • Effectively teaching the digital generation, or screenagers as we call them in this issue of Educational Leadership, seems to involve two basics: embracing the tools that kids are immersed in and using these tools to engage students in core curriculum topics.
John Evans

Teaching with Technology in the Middle: Getting Ready for Social Justice LIVE - 1 views

    "Getting Ready for Social Justice LIVE "
Phil Taylor

Educational Leadership:Teaching Screenagers:Character Education for the Digital Age - 3 views

  • Our challenge is to find ways to teach our children how to navigate the rapidly moving digital present, consciously and reflectively.
  • the "one life" perspective says the opposite, that it is precisely our job as educators to help students live one, integrated life, by inviting them to not only use their technology at school, but also talk about it within the greater context of community and society.
  • The tie that binds us to our ancestors is that both ancient and digital-age humans crave community
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • A third approach awaits us: establishing proactive, aggressive character education programs tuned to digital youth.
  • Issues of Digital Citizenship
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