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John Evans

One iPad Classroom - A Crowdsourced Reference | Read Write Respond - 2 views

    "Although some schools are going one-to-one iPads, there is a growing trend of teachers purchasing their own iPad and bringing them into the classroom. This is a different proposition. Where I have written about how an iPad can support teacher's professional and personal learning, I have not written about how iPads can be used to support learning within the classroom. I therefore put out a call for thoughts and ideas on Twitter:

    If u only had ONE iPad in a room, what would u do with it? Looking for links/ideas

    - Aaron Davis (@mrkrndvs) June 2, 2015"
John Evans

5 Completely Free Education Reference eBooks from Google Books - 0 views

    "Where is your first port of call when looking for the right book? Amazon? iTunes? Even an actual brick-and-mortar library??? All good options, but there is one delightfully simple place you should be trying first. Google Books. Not only can you preview a large portion of a book to try before you buy, you may even strike it lucky and get the whole thing for free! Here are five completely free eBooks to get you started, but make sure to take some time and explore, who knows what gems you might find."
John Evans

Bloom's 'Digital' Taxonomy - Printable Reference Table - 0 views

    "Since its publication in 1956, Bloom's Taxonomy has been a foundation of most modern education systems. While the overarching principles have remained the same, changes in understanding, experience and technology have seen the Taxonomy take on a number of different forms, for a number of different purposes and applications.

    The below overview shows the progression of Bloom's Taxonomy, how each thinking skill applies in practice, and examples of activities using digital tools."
riss leung

Why some kids can't spell and why spelling tests won't help - 9 views

  • If spelling words are simply strings of letters to be learnt by heart with no meaning attached and no investigation of how those words are constructed, then we are simply assigning our children a task equivalent to learning ten random seven-digit PINs each week.
John Evans

Reference Apps On The iPad For Everything Imaginable -- AppAdvice - 2 views

    "Virtual dictionaries have made old-school dictionaries obsolete. Why flip through tissue-thin pages and skim tiny text to find a definition when you can get it in an instant on your computer? The iPad has great reference apps for everything. From your standard dictionary to more niche science apps, you'll find everything here."
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