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Problems with Diigo Toolbar - 111 views

diigo firefox search-feature toolbar
  • picardo
    Glad I'm not the only one having these problems. The Diigo bar (which is the latest version) is no longer working at my browser. One symptom is that many buttons, including the annotate button, are not clickable. The only ones that stayed clickable are "sign-in" and "options."

    Is it conflicting with another extension?

    I doubt it because I created a vanilla profile to test it out but it still didn't work.

    Mystery is that the toolbar is working just fine at my work. And the settings are exactly the same.

    I'd install an earlier version if it's available for download just to see if it's something in this version.

  • picardo
    > In this case, could you try to sign-in first to see what happened?

    I am signed in right now. I waited for a bit for the toolbar to pick up on this. The buttons on the toolbar are still unclickable. Obviously, it hasn't. If I had to guess, I would say the toolbar does not see my cookie and that's why does not allow those buttons to be clicked, believing that I am still not signed in. When I click on the one of two buttons that I can click on, the button on the far left, it gives me a drop down that has sign-in as an option. I tried clicking that and it took me directly to the Diigo homepage, where I appear to be signed in. So, I don't know where this toolbar is getting off.

    Do you think the problem is with my system or something with the toolbar?
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