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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Fenman .

Adam Skinner

Custom Search not working - 64 views

bug custom search
  • Fenman .
    Ouch! That would be a real shame. It's one I use a heck of a lot on a daily basis. It's really my only reason for keeping the Diigo toolbar. Pretty please...

    Oh, and if you were to make it a premium feature, I'd pay.
  • Fenman .
    Most excellent. Thanks so much. I'll need to re-install.
Fenman .

Customising search in toolbar - 22 views

Diigo toolbar search
  • Fenman .
    I have toolbar on Firefox 3.5.4. The customise search page shows my web search default preference to be Google UK (without Diigo). The actual search engines is '' both of which I emphatically do not want by default.

    Did I maybe miss an instruction about this or is Diigo taking over my PC by stealth? Thanks in advance for any comments.
  • Fenman .
    Thanks Rick. Yes, I've seen the other posts now and spoken up. This feature is s-o-o-o useful and efficient. Losing this could be a deal breaker.
Graham Perrin

name of a group contributor ('Fenman ;' a.k.a. 'fenman') leads to no contributions and ... - 8 views

bug inconsistency group topic anonymous No-name profile
started by Graham Perrin on 31 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Fenman .
    Hello. There is something weird going on here. Firstly I do exist! Secondly, I hope I haven't been banned - I've given no conscious reason. Thirdly, a post I made a few minutes ago about customising searches in the toolbar has disappeared. It was definitely there.

    Spooky or what?!
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