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More Tag Problems & Queries - 81 views

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started by Faithful_Reader on 14 Apr 09 no follow-up yet

Auto-Complete Feature in Typing Tags Works Only Once? - 63 views

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  • Faithful_Reader
    Let's say I want to bookmark multiple pages from a certain site (in this case, individual product pages from a bookseller). The first time the bookmark dialogue box pops up, I start to type in "Daedalus" (the name of the bookseller) as a tag. I type D; all my tags beginning with D appear on a drop-down menu. Nifty! I click on Daedalus, hit enter, and am done. However, when I want to bookmark another page on that same site in the same visit, I type D and nothing happens. I have to re-type the same tag dozens of times. Wicked frustrating and a huge waste of time :-(. Why does auto-complete work only the first time? Can this be fixed?

    Also, will you ever have an address-book feature? I send bookmarks to the same people often, and it would be nice to have a way to insert an e-mail without typing it (and no, the recipient has no interest in being a "friend," or whatever -- I just want something v. simple, to be able to send bookmarks to the same few people over and over without re-typing their addresses).

    I am very grateful to have an online archiving service like this -- especially after the loss of both the Times and Furl -- even tho the social-networking part isn't of much interest. Thanks!
  • Faithful_Reader
    Sorry! Forgot in this forum I'm Faithful_Reader -- Furl read my NYT account under GrammarLady as an already-existing account, so I had to take a new name, and that followed me to DIIgo.
  • Faithful_Reader
    Thanks, GP!

    Yup, Daedalus is there in both list and cloud, wicked big letters, too, as it is by far the most-used tag (50+). I never look at cloud format -- it doesn't work for me, sorry, I'm a teacher, scholar, and daughter and grand-daughter of librarians; alpha order rules my world! But Daedalus is in both formats: I sorted the tags both ways, and saw it clearly. (The list appears to contain all my tags, tho there are so many I can't be sure.) Could this be connected to the fact that I had two accounts in Furl (see problem I described above) and that -- as far as I can tell -- Diigo imported both, one for each e-mail, and combined them under Faithful_Reader and my Gmail address?

    If I can see Daedalus clearly in both alpha and cloud Tags, how come you can't? You're not looking at Lists, right? NB I have no use for lists, and would like to delete the whole list of lists, if I could do so without deleting the bookmarks attached to them. All my Furl tags converted to lists, not tags (illogical!?), and I am gradually de-listing and re-tagging bookmarks, then deleting the lists as they become empty. This is a time-consuming and irritating process that I can do only here and there, hence my long list of lists, on which Daedalus, all the same, still does appear. (Also, I can collapse the list of Tags, but not the list of Lists. Logic? It takes up much too much space for something I don't use.

    Thanks again for this attention on your part. I was deeply discouraged by the complete lack of customer support from Furl, and it is great to get someone who is smart and cares about an app's cool features. I was THRILLED the first time I saw auto-complete and so eager to use it -- and then each time after the first use, it vanished! I do appreciate your interest

    Non sequitur: can I get an avatar somewhere for my Forum posts, and if so, how/where? My little shadowy silhouette is so dull!

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